Asanas – Standing Yoga Poses


This is a first part of the series of routines we are setting up that will present a page with number of videos that you can follow as part of the yoga sequence. You can follow these videos in order to have a full and balance yoga exercise routine. Starting with standing posture videos from the web, our guide will include most popular postures for beginners.

Simply follow the instructions and when each video is done proceed to the next one, thus by following the videos you’ll be able to complete full yoga routine. Please bookmark these pages since we’ll be adding new videos to each category. Other categories to be followed will include balance and seating postures, as well as others. Enjoy. (Please vote and leave comments on the bottom of the page. Enjoy).



Part II: Reclining Poses


Standing Postures

Standing Postures Standing postures are performed in an upright position.


Standing Poses Intro


Tree Pose


Mountain Pose


Mountain Pose with Side Stretch


Forward Bent


Wide-Leg Forward Bend




Side Angle Stretch


Triangle Pose


Advanced Triangle Pose


Reversed Triangle Pose


Warrior I


Warrior II


Downward Facing Dog Pose


Bent Knee Lunge With Twist


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