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Wellness Practices that Lead to a Healthier You

If you are looking for ways to get healthier and happier, the place that you should start is with your habits. Every day, your habits dictate how healthy you are. This means that if you're not involving yourself in habits that promote wellness, you're naturally going to be less healthy and less happy.

nerve pain strategies

Nerve Pain: Top Strategies For Relieving The Pain

Nerve pain is random, painful, and can take a serious toll on the quality of life of the sufferer. Because this pain is caused by nerves that have already been damaged, it is sometimes impossible to completely eliminate the problem. Pain can be minimized, however, with some lifestyle changes and topical medications. Below are few strategies that will help you minimize nerve pain.

how to treat sex addiction

What is the best way to deal with a sex addiction?

Countless individuals and couples for that matter battle an issue that many find too embarrassing to discuss. As a result, the problem can fester and even ultimately cause major rifts in relationships with significant others, family members, friends and more. Sex addiction is a problem that occurs more often than one might think, leading to long-term consequences for those suffering from it.