The Complete Guide to Getting More Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Diet

Ever since the 80s, we’ve been hearing about getting our 5-a-day. There simply was one moment when all the researchers and specialists, backed up...
Best Spices for health

Best Spices That Can Help You Stay Slim and Be Healthy

Besides Spices making your meals taste amazing, they can also help you to achieve your fitness goals. Although studies suggestthat nearly all spices are beneficial, some are very helpful when you want to slim down or stay healthy. Spices that are great for weight loss or overall health have anti-inflammatory properties as well as a flavor profile that can help to limit your overall calorie intake.

nutrition tips

Building Blocks of the Body: 4 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Life

There are many aspects to living a healthy lifestyle, and one of the most important of these is a proper diet. These four tips will help give you the tools needed to meet your health goals, while providing your body with healthy foods that are packed with the nutrients your body needs to get through the day.

superfoods smoothies

9 Delicious Superfoods To Make Your Smoothies Even More Healthier (Infographic)

Check out these 9 superfoods that can add a deliscious and healthy kick to your next smoothie.

Superfood Rich Diet

5 Ways a Superfood Rich Diet Can Help Heal You

A superfood is by no means a dietary fad or passing phase. The term “superfood” refers to foods that are rich in compounds, such...
Food for Better Bone Health

Osteo-Perfection: 4 Foods That Encourage Better Bone Health

If you're not eating the right foods to maintain healthy bones, then you might see difficulties in moving around during the day or even have the stamina to stand for long periods of time. There are a few foods that are better at encouraging better bone health than others that you might want to include in the diet.

Natural Healthy Snacks

Top Natural Healthy Snacks That Keep You Full and Energetic

When it comes to snacking, people often choose chocolate bars and soda to curb hunger and feel better. These foods give you an energy boost that does not last long. In fact, they send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride and leave you feeling more hungry and tired than ever. Here are few healthy snacks you should eat instead.

Benefits of Herbs

Ever Heard About these 5 Amazing Benefits of Herbs

A kernel of truth here, if you're tired of using all those medications, pills and discussing supplements, like me, we're losing down these top 5 herbs. Herbs are used throughout history to hasten natural healing methods that can cure or prevent diseases from plaguing you. 


Essentials of Dehydration and How to Treat It

We lose water continuously as we perspire, urinate, breathe, and defecate, however, we can only drink fluids to replenish the lost water. The feeling of thirst is the body’s mechanism of informing us to restore the ideal balance. Most instances of dehydration can be addressed by consuming more fluids; however, extreme cases need medical attention without any delay.

what is matcha green tea

Buying the Best Quality Matcha Green Tea – Important Factors To Consider

The must-have staple of Japanese tea ceremonies, Matcha green tea, is a favorite of health-conscious celebrities, top nutritionists, and health experts. Matcha tea powder is made from nutrition-heralded young leaves of shade-grown Camellia sinensis plants. It’s steamed, stemmed and de-vined before turning into stone-ground fine powder.

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Top Ten Healthy Snacks for Kids

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