4 Different Alternatives to Traditional Acupuncture Treatment

People may not be aware that acupuncture did not solely stem from traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Other countries such as Egypt, Japan and...

Hands On Shiatsu Healing

The word 'Shiatsu' is derived from the combination of 'Shi' meaning finger, and 'Atsu' meaning pressure. Simply put Shiatsu is the science of applying...

Hypnosis and How It Works

When people think of hypnosis, they usually think of someone waving a pocket watch in front of your face and then being able to get you to believe anything they want you to. Actually, this is not what hypnosis is like at all!

Does Acupuncture Work?

Chinese medicine is responsible for a number of natural therapies, and acupuncture is probably the best known of them. Acupuncture works on the...

Psychologist Or Psychiatrist? 3 Questions to Ask Before Making an Appointment

Patients are always surprised to learn that there are very few laws governing the practice of medicine. In fact, a physician who is licensed...

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Best Foods to Eat to Boost Circulation

Poor circulation that results from fatty plaques and blood clots can be a health risk facto that can lead to slow healing and also raise your risk of heart disease and stroke. If you follow these tips and eat proper foods such asgarlic and whole grains to your diet, you will keep your blood vessels healthy and also improve your blood circulation.

3 Simple Ways to Train Your Mind Muscles

Our Human mind needs to be taken care of like any other part of the body. Doing simple exercises will enable you to...
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Drive Off Your Everyday Stress With These Simple Yoga Asanas

Yoga is one of the best ways to practice anger management.Yoga poses are generally organized into a sequence so as to help you alleviate your stress and anxiety levels. There are few simple poses in yoga that go a long way in helping you get relief from stress and anxiety.