Building Mindfulness

5 Practices for Building Mindfulness in Daily Life

Mindfulness is something we may associate with sitting meditation practice. Even if you do meditate, chances are that you spend most of your day off the cushion and engaging with the world around you.
Mindfulness Meditation Tips

5 Quick Tips to Start with Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Mindful meditation can help bring you back into awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and immediate environment.  This type of meditation is very simple, but it is not always easy. Here are five steps to help you get started with your practice. 

Practical Meditation Tips

How To Meditate In Just 3 Minutes: Practical Meditation Tips

Are you someone who would love to meditate but is just not able to make the time for it? Finding the time to meditate is holding you back from beginning the practice? While practiced regularly meditation has its benefits, you can also boost your mindfulness with brief breaks of a few minutes or less.

mindfullness and stress

Reduce Your Daily Stress Levels With Mindfulness

Yoga breathing and yoga asanas are real stress busters and improves your feel good factor. It removes negative feelings/ emotions from your mind. Yoga helps in harmonising your mind and body, provides you more energy to carry out your work.

mindful meditation

Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is, What It Does, and How You Can Do It!

Whether you're a veteran meditator looking to enhance your repertoire of wellness techniques, or a beginner looking for a meditative practice that's a right fit, mindfulness meditation is a great place to start. Here's a look at what it is, where it came from and how it evolved, what its benefits are, as well as a look at some helpful tips to get you started.


Meditation As a Spiritual Growth Enhancer

The meditative process requires you to go into the silence of your inner self and be still and present without the interference of continuous...
Cross Legged Seated Yoga Poses

Meditation Cushions and Cross Legged Seated Yoga Poses

Aligned and balanced posture enhances our ability to achieve stillness and practice proper breath control. To calm the activity of our thoughts it is important that we understand the benefits to the mind and body that an aligned posture brings. You will need to decide which practice position is both comfortable for you and that you will be able to maintain for increasing periods of time.


Chakra Meditation – Mastering The 7 Chakras

Chakra meditation is a powerful form of spiritual enlightenment which focuses on the 7 specific energy points in the body. Each energy point relates...

How to Improve the Quality of Your Life Through Meditation

Benefits of Meditation 1. Improves Focus-one of the benefits people find when they meditate is improved focus. An important part of meditating is being able...
Easy Meditation Techniques

Easy Meditation Techniques for Beginners

 Meditation can offer a range of mental health benefits and induce positive behavioral and emotional changes, such as increasing compassion and generosity as well...

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