mindfullness and stress

Practice Everyday Mindfulness for Greater Wellbeing

When most people think of mindfulness and meditation, they think of a Buddhist monk sitting in silence, alone in a cave somewhere. Enlightenment sounds...

50 Ways to Savor Your Life

Here is a great list of 50 way you can enjoy life.

How To See Aura and Aura Color Meaning

The aura or energy field that surrounds all living things can contain many vibrant colors. A special camera called a Kirlian Camera can photograph...

Practicing Buddhism Brings About Many Benefits

This religion can seem difficult to understand when you first begin but if you take the time to learn the basic tenants, then you can find your own happiness and sense of self-fulfillment that many miss in life.

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stop teeth grinding

How do I Stop Teeth Grinding?

Grinding one’s teeth — whether during the night or during waking hours — can have numerous consequences. People with bruxism may experience a breaking down of the enamel of their teeth as a result. This can lead to extensive dental procedures to repair damaged teeth. 

Exercising Over 50: How to Begin

When it comes to exercising past the ages of 50 or 60, many people look at gyms, yoga studios, and health clubs with...