Caution – Germs at Work


The fact is, the office is a hotbed of germs, a microbial monstrosity! When you think about it, how could it be anything but that? It’s a place where a large number of people spend long hours in close proximity; usually there’s less ventilation and direct sunlight filtering in and with carpeting around, using a floor disinfectant isn’t a possibility.


No wonder, when one person sneezes, so many catch a cold, literally!

It might interest you to know which are the dirtiest areas in an office, from a "germ" point of view. No, it is not the toilet or the pantry, but the humble telephone! Telephones get close to people’s mouths, and are never disinfected. Think twice before you use a colleague’s extension next time – you might actually be venturing into bacterial heaven.

Tables and desks rank up next on the dirty hot list. Especially in those cases where the user eats at the work table.

You’ve dealt with computer viruses – now get a load of the real thing! Computer keyboards and mice, which are in constant contact with human hands are natural nesting places for germs. And so are coffee mugs and glasses.

While none of this may surprise you, here’s something that will. The number of germs in the office vary with the profession of the occupants. Schoolteachers have the worst – but to be fair, you can’t blame them. It’s their little students who are responsible for the mess. It might amuse you to know that lawyers aren’t the dirty professionals they’re made out to be – they have the most sanitary offices Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (Hardcover) .

Research also shows that germs love women – with their cosmetics, knick knacks and food habits in tow. Talk of gender bias at the workplace!

So, what can you do to keep your office a cleaner place Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (Hardcover).

• Simply, sanitise it. And that means usage of disinfectants on a regular basis.
• Removing the carpets will make a huge improvement.
• Ensuring some natural ventilation, as far as possible, is another healthy measure.
• Designate eating areas, and establish a routine to disinfect those places.

Of course it also helps if people maintain high standards of personal hygiene, but we won’t go into those details here!

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