Creating a Sacred Space for Meditation


It is important to create a sacred space to practice your meditation, a place in or around your home which is designated specifically for relaxation and tranquility. Though most of us do not have the luxury of creating a private meditation room, it is possible to decorate a designated area of your home to suit this purpose. It is also a simple matter to create a sort of mobile mediation kit for your self that is quite handy when traveling or in situations where space is limited.

Begin by determining which area of your home is best suited to serve as a place of meditation. Some practical considerations to think about: try to choose a room or area of your home that is quiet and comfortable, perhaps the room of your home which is farthest from street noises or other disturbances. Designating and designing your sacred space for meditation is fun and rewarding. Don’t get hung up on thinking that you need any pricey or exotic items. Have fun with it, be creative, and choose colors, textures and items which appeal to your senses.


Devote a space to the sole purpose of meditation. You may choose to decorate this area with whatever things you find relaxing and comforting. Many people are fond of creating a small alter space to hold candles and incense. A comfortable mat or blanket for sitting on is also widely used. It is more important that an area be set aside for meditation than how it is decorated or what items you use to make the space “sacred”. The space is sacred to you; it is your personal choice in how the area is created.

You may find that you do not have an appropriate place within your home for meditation. In this case it is perfectly acceptable to move your mediation routine outdoors. Designate a bag or sack for carrying your meditation supplies. Again it is more important to make the designation than the bag itself. In other words, the mental connection to the item is more impotent than the item. Saying “this bag is my meditation bag”, or “this mat is my meditation surface”, etc., the act of making the designation is what matters most.

A yoga mat or camping mat can be purchased quite easily. Most of these mats roll up and are convenient for travel and outdoor usage. Incense, candles, cushions and other supplies can easily be stored in a bag or other container to use when needed.

Creating a sacred space is a completely personal endeavor, it does not matter what decorations or items are used, it does not matter if there are any decorations at all. It matters only that you set aside a space for meditation; it can be an empty room, a few square feet of your home or back yard. Designating a space is the important matter, the act of putting aside a space for meditation puts your mind in a state of recognizing the importance of inner calm and stillness, and it acknowledges the importance of your meditation routine.

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