How to Create a Relaxing Zen Atmosphere in Your Apartment

Zen home ideas

There’s no place like home. It’s our little private space, the one we go to after a stressful day at work or if we just want to hide ourselves from the outer world. That’s why Zen décor has become very popular over the years. Although Zen originally referred to meditation, today this concept is applied to many other things, including interior design, in which case it refers to harmony and positive energy. There isn’t a Zen handbook on how to arrange furniture in your home, but there is such a thing as Zen décor and its guidelines can help you create that serene atmosphere you’re probably yearning for. The underpinning of this décor is simplicity and peacefulness. Since you can’t make the whole world Zen, do it at home. Your house is your kingdom and you deserve a royal treatment. Eliminate stress and all that built up tension with some minor home adjustments. Here are some of the ways in which you can achieve that safe-haven atmosphere.

1. Nature at Home

Of course it depends on where you live, but in some parts of the world nature has become a luxury. We lead busy lives with little time to spend outdoors and in nature. But you can have a tad of greenery in your house which will have a wonderful soothing effect. As someone once said: “Man’s best in nature”. Why not bring a little part of it into your home. A plant or two will suffice and make the space so much livelier and relaxing. Get one of those plants, like Jade plant or Chinese Evergreen, that don’t need a lot of care and watering. Plus, plants provide cleaner air and help get rid of the toxins that may have accumulated in your living space.

2. Calming Colors

What many people don’t realize is how big an influence colors have on our mood. It’s always awesome to see flashy colors in a club or a café, but your home shouldn’t be disco-like. Studies have shown that colors can induce certain sensations. For instance, yellow and orange are associated with food. Haven’t you ever wondered why McDonald’s is all in red, yellow and orange? It’s to awaken your appetite. Therefore, opt for calming hues like light blue or green. And of course you can never make a mistake with white. Peaceful colors will bring out that Zen-like atmosphere you so desire.

3. Out with Technology

Although today’s life is unimaginable without computer gadgets and hi-tech what nots, you do not need a bunch of electronic appliances in your bedroom. Make sure to have only a TV there, but only if you can’t put it anywhere else. We’re not even aware the power technology has over our life. Be sure to diminish that influence whenever and wherever you can. It’s a disturbance and a disruption from a meditative state you want to keep your abode in. Don’t let technology cramp your Zen style.

4. Ease off on the Ornaments & Declutter

We all love to have all kinds of knick-knacks, but most of them are useless and just collect dust. Like most people, and you’ve probably hoarded a lot of stuff over the years. Save yourself space and the trouble of dusting constantly by keeping only things on the shelves you really like. If for some reason, sentimental or otherwise, you simply cannot part with your valuable trinkets, there are numerous cheap storage solutions that can free up some of your space.

5. Add That Special Scent

Scented candles have a soothing effect, especially when you want to call it a day and head to bed. They will make you more tranquil and you’ll doze off without a care in the world. You can also make your own room spray with lavender, chamomile, or rosemary. It will invigorate you and alleviate bad mood.

To Zenalize

These are some minor steps you can take without much trouble, and it will mean the world for your inner peace. And that’s something priceless we ought to hold on dearly in order to survive these stressful times. Make your home your sanctuary, a place to retrieve from the daily hustle and bustle.

Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, a part-time writer, and as of recently a business consultant for Supercheap Storage Newcastle, always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.


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