Natural Remedies For Flu Starting With Healthy Foods

fight flu naturally

Some of the best natural remedies for flu are healthy foods. Ideally it is best to eat healthy foods to prevent flu, rather than to expect a miracle while you have it. Not only can a healthy diet trim your weight and prevent flu, it can also prevent a multitude of other health problems and diseases, too.

This is because your immune system responds well to care and attention. Eating the right foods is only one of the areas that need your attention for a healthy immune system, but it is also one of the most important.

Limit, or preferably cut out altogether, refined and processed foods such as white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice and any foods made with them. These are the most damaging carbohydrates.


Cut out all chemicals in your food, whether it is from an artificial sweetener or those added to colour, flavour, preserve, etc. Make sure you check the ingredients of everything.

Stop eating margarine and vegetable oils that do not specify what they are. Canola oil is one to avoid altogether.

This means cutting out junk food, as they all contain white flour and vegetable oils.

Limit or cut out all dairy products altogether.

Having cut out the primary foods which lower your immune system, now you need to focus on the healthy foods which act as natural remedies for flu and other health problems.

– Eat an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.
– Make sure you eat plenty of garlic and onion.
– Use elderberry, preferably the fresh or dried version, but extracts will do, to help you over the flu itself.
– Consume natural vitamin C (not ascorbic acid) and echinacea regularly as preventatives for flu. Making sure you are topped up with plenty of natural sunshine before the winter months, will ensure you have sufficient vitamin D to last you the winter.
– Make your own probiotics to ensure your levels are healthy. Kombucha tea and kefir are easy to start making at home. Homemade probiotics have a greater density and variety than do commercial probiotics or probiotic supplements.
– Add a blue green algae supplement to your diet to ensure you have all the essential nutrients.
– Drink according to the season, your work and your body type. People often eat when they are thirsty, not hungry.

Apart from healthy food, other natural remedies for flu include:

– some daily exercise, preferably outside
– good quality sleep and the optimum hours of sleep that suit you
– deal with stress naturally – yoga, meditation, homeopathy
– only take essential medication as all of it leads to decreased nutrient absorption, a low immunity and side effects
– find a natural health consultant that you are happy to work with, to avoid unnecessary medication

A healthy diet should be one of your primary concerns, if you are interested in a healthy and trim body. It is virtually impossible to maintain either without this critical issue covered.

Make this is a permanent way of life. That way, you won’t need to search for natural remedies for flu, or for anything else.

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