What Is a Medical Spa


Medical spas are facilities that combine traditional day-spa comforts with common cosmetic procedures. At a medical spa, you can get the same services offered at a traditional spa, such as facials, massages, saunas, and body treatments. However, you can also get cosmetic medical treatments such as laser hair removal, Botox and Restylane injections, medical microdermabrasions, photo facials, hair restoration, laser vein treatments, laser acne treatments, laser wrinkle reduction, and medical peels.

As anti-aging technologies improve, many people have chosen to utilize the services of medical spas rather than going through the pain and recovery times associated with plastic surgery. Medical spas offer non-invasive anti-aging treatments, and all medical spas activities are required by The International Medical Spa Association to be supervised by a licensed healthcare professional.


While many medical spas focus on providing their clients with the latest emerging non-invasive cosmetic procedures, many others focus on teaching their clients about alternative medicine techniques for healing and health. These medical spas perform services such as aromatherapy and acupuncture, as well as traditional spa services. These spas are also of benefit to people who are interested in learning about natural methods of weight and disease control.

Another common type of medical spa is a more nutrition and education-based facility. These medical spas teach their clients about different procedures and lifestyle changes that can help them reduce the amount of suffering caused by a certain disease or condition. For example, many medical spas educate their clients on ways to control diabetes and obesity. Another commonly addressed medical issue is menopause.

Medical spas can also be of benefit to pregnant women. Medical spas designed for pregnant women offer traditional day-spa services as well as personal education. At these medical spas, pregnant women can take classes on birthing and breastfeeding. They can work with a nutritional counselor to develop a pregnancy-based meal plan. Some even offer resources for women interested in having a natural birth or searching for the services of a midwife.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a medical spa is the level of comfort they provide to clients undergoing medical procedures that may be otherwise uncomfortable. Clients can relax while undergoing laser hair removal with a massage. Medical spas offer both medical and natural options for women seeking just about any cosmetic service. Medical spas have recently grown in popularity, and, as a result, more and more medical spas have begun to operate worldwide.


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