Why Your Job Maybe the Cause of Your Chronic Low Back Pain


Your job is what occupies most of your day. Though it is the very reason your home fires are always burning bright and you are able to provide your family and kids with everything they ever need, your job is also what causes you the most worries, most tensions, not to mention the wrinkles, dark circles and gray hair! Besides your job being the main reason for some squabbles and arguments at home with your spouse, it can also give you some other kind of serious trouble as well. We are not talking here about the little incidents of ill health and stress at all here. We are referring to the strain your desk job causes to you physically, the troubles it gives to your lower back, finally causing chronic low back pain.


Eliminate Lower Back Pain

Can your job really give you all that much trouble? Well, the bad news is, yes, it can give enough strain to the back muscles to give rise to more or less permanent chronic low back pain. To make things worse, you keep on at it most of the day, so the condition intensifies and causes even more trouble each passing day.

Of course, it is not practicable or possible for you to simply leave your job and sit at home just because this might be the reason for your low back pain! So what do you do and how do you tackle this problem? Making a few changes in your general lifestyle and way of working can help you rid yourself of that chronic back pain. First of all, let us analyze how your job may be one of the reasons of your back pain.

Chronic low back pain as related to your work desk

Your back muscles are working throughout the day, even in your sleep, to see to it that your upper body gets enough support from all sides. Even when you think you are merely sitting and working at your desk, your back muscles are very much on duty, at their vigil, though you do not realize it. Being at your work table all day gives little or no activity to the back muscles, thereby causing them to get cramped and strained.

Not sitting upright gives even more trouble to the back. This eventually gives rise to chronic low back pain. Your back muscles are best maintained when you keep being active. They are not meant to be in one position all the time. So this is one major reason for your chronic back pain.

Chronic low back pain as related to your chair

You need to choose an office chair that gives enough support to the back muscles. You are going to be sitting in that chair for hours on end, so not sitting right can again give rise to low back pain over a period of time. The hips are connected to the back and any strain on the hips can reflect on the general health of the back muscles. So make sure your back is totally free of strain while you are at work.

Be aware of the above problems and maintain a better posture to be free of chronic low back pain for the rest of your working life!

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