For many people, the combination of success and happiness is elusive; sometimes finding one without the other and sometimes finding neither. It is possible to have both and like many things in life, that will require the burning desire and discipline.

The burning desire to be happy and have all that you want and the discipline to stay the course while you achieve that. These 10 of the best tips for happiness and success will point you in the right direction and then it is up to you.

1. Bounce back. When things are not going right or you get knocked down, bounce right back again. Find your resilience factor and make it stronger by bouncing back every time. Allow only half an hour for feeling bad and then shift those thoughts and get on with it. Never give up, persevere no matter what. Some successful people take many years to hit their stride. Success might be just around the corner for you and if you give up, you will never know what you might have done.

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2. Have a sense of humor. Whatever is happening in your life, do everything possible to find the funny side. Laugh at yourself first and then at everything else. Keep your funny bone finely tuned; it is a lot more enjoyable to be funny than cross. Laughter also gets your endorphins (feel good hormones) flowing and opens up the mind for creativity.

3. Commit your self 100% to your dreams and goals, read them and work to achieve them every day. If you want a prize winning garden you work in it every day; if you want your own prize you work towards it every day. Hold your commitment even though there might be some dream stealers around, hold onto that dream.

4. Start from where you are at and if you do not like what you are doing then learn to love it or find something to do that you do love. Just do not drive everyone else around you crazy with what you do not like. Love what you do.

5. Look for solutions not problems. When you start with a problem you are starting from the negative; when you start to look for a solution, you immediately come from the positive. From that place you can look for great ideas. People around you will love to work with someone who can see possibilities instead of problems.

6. Get out of your rut, try new ideas, have a go at something new and check to see if you have old, limiting beliefs that are holding you back. When you are trying new things your mind is opening up to possibilities and is moving out of your current way of thinking. This also allows creativity in and it is a lot of fun. What if you try running backwards on the beach instead of forward, would you see a different view of the beach and the people on it?

7. Take care of yourself in three ways; your health, your relationships and your work. You need to make sure that each of those are getting equal attention so that you feel balanced and connected to your friends, family and colleagues. You also must give yourself a healthy dose of inspiration at least once a week. A lot of attention is paid to physical fitness and little to brain fitness. So go ahead and give your brain a workout as well as your body.

8. Be kind and generous to others; look for things that you can do for someone else every day. When you are doing this, you are not only building relationships with those people you know, but opening yourself up to new experiences with people who you do not know. You never know when you will see that person whom you have helped or how a kind action will come back to you. Always be prepared to give someone else a hand up; there is enough to go around.

9. Find your passion and let it grow. If you lack passion it is hard to hold the commitment and action required to succeed. Go in search of your passion, try out lots of different things until you find it. Volunteer your help, try different jobs, mix with a different crowd or go back to your childhood dreams. There are many ways to find your passion and your life will be richer for having it.

10. Build relationships. We are moving into a time when people are increasingly looking for relationships in everything that they do. Web 2 is based largely on that premise; customers want to interact and not just buy, people want to keep in touch through various means and not just social networking sites. So join the crowd and create a network of support and like minded people around you.

Well there you are, 10 of the best tips for happiness and success and a checklist that you can use to get started with your own personal development program. Check in with this list occasionally to see how much progress you are making. Beg, borrow or exchange some inspirational products like the book "Think and Grow Rich" or the video "Know For Yourself" and find a way to inspire yourself every day. And finally, try keeping a journal and write about the progress you are making, then go back every now and then and read it. It is fun to look back and see how much you have changed.


Brenda Campbell works with people all over the world to assist them to achieve their dreams and desires. If you found 10 Of The Best – Top Tips For Success and Happiness helpful, go to Brenda’s website to find out how to get started: =>

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