10 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Do you like to eat? Does the sight of all those sugary and fat filled delicacies make your mouth water? If your answer is yes, then it probably means that there is a good chance you might be sporting body fat in the shape of a pot belly. You know the one. The extra flab hanging from the waistband of your jeans. Not very attractive is it? The added weight, not to mention the cruel snickering and gawking, doesn’t help either. Well, you can avoid all that embarrassment by steering clear of following foods which only serve to pack on pounds.

Many individuals do not care whether the food they are shoveling down their mouth is harmful or beneficial for them. In fact, the individuals that eat such food need to realize that these types of food is responsible for at least 80% of the belly fat they accumulate. Have no fear though. By reading on you can at least make sure that you avoid the ‘eats’ which can make your body fat soar.

There are several food stuffs which are responsible for the increase in heart diseases in the West, 10 of which are common and especially harmful. It may be excruciatingly painful, not to mention heartbreaking, to peruse this list. By avoiding them you can not only do a complete turnover regarding your social life, but the reduced weight (not to mention posterior) will help boost your confidence and benefit your health in the bargain as well.

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10 Worst Foods For Belly Fat

As mentioned before, knowing what not to eat is as important as knowing which type of food is beneficial for you. The following list consists of 10 food stuffs which should be avoided by the regular consumer if he/she wants to maintain their ‘slim’ figure.

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Trans Fat

Trans Fat refers to those man-made fats which are forced into the food you like so much. These are usually processed fats, created to entice the appetite of the individual so that they gorge themselves to the limit. It’s made through a process called Hydrogenation which is a chemical process in which hydrogen atoms are added to a compound. When this is applied on vegetable oil, the bond created transforms the liquid to a semi-solid state. The metabolism of this flavor enhancing product proves unfamiliar to the human body. This means that the body finds it difficult to break down these fats, making the process of digestion a painful one indeed. Some products which contain this weighty ingredient are baked food, fried food, margarine, spreads, etc.

White Sugar

Ah, candy. The other pink, red, yellow (the list goes on) meat. One bite of these delectable treats is enough to make you high. Unfortunately, these highly addictive confectioneries contain white sugar in them which is not only harmful for your body, but does a job on your pearly whites too. This refined delicacy is also responsible for raising insulin levels in the blood. This depresses the immune system, making the body vulnerable to germs and diseases. This change can also lead to weight gain as Insulin promotes the storage of fat in the body. Furthermore, white or refined sugar does not contain any vitamins or minerals. This makes it harder to digest as the above mentioned products are essential to boost one’s metabolism.

White Flour

Even though white flour was initially intended to be a basic kind of food, heavy refinement leads to the decrease in its nutritional value. Like sugar, the body treats this fatty product as a carbohydrate and stores it in its entirety. This leads to a rapid rise in one’s blood sugar levels, which then decreases at the same rate. In other words, you start feeling hungry only a little while after you’ve eaten anything which contains this product, which, of course, leads to weight gain. Usually, baked goods contain white flour as their main ingredient like pizza, doughnuts, etc. It’s best to stay as far as possible from such appetite enhancing food if you want to lose that belly fat.

Milk and Dairy products

If body fat is more important to you than your calcium intake, then you should probably stay away from dairy products. Most dietitians are of the opinion that fat content in such ‘milky’ products is responsible for weight gain. That’s not completely true. It’s the body’s inability to break down these pasteurized products rather than the fat content which is more worrying. These milk derivatives have also been accused of being the number one allergen today, making their consumption a ‘weighty’ matter indeed.

Fizzy Drinks

Sodas are the worst enemy for those who want to lose weight. Why? It’s because these colorful and bubbly drinks contain a great deal of ’empty calories’, which don’t provide any health benefits, but instead, contain large quantities of refined sugar and artificial additives. The body finds it difficult to store such refined products, leading to the accumulation of fat. Don’t think that switching to the low-fat variety will help you any. Diet soda contains aspartame, an artificial, low-calorie sweetener. It does not add any calories to the body, but it does make the body feel hungrier. It’s best to stick to water if you want to fit into your clothes.

Alcohol (Beer)

Usually, sporting a ‘beer gut’ (beer induced pot belly) is a laughing matter for some. The love of beer makes some individuals blind to its harmful effects, and some don’t even care to find out. The main ingredient in beer is Alcohol, which greatly dulls the metabolism, making the digestion of food an ordeal in itself. Not only does it promote weight gain, but the consequent deficiency of vitamins and minerals further adds to the dilemma. This boozy product also enhances the appetite. Reduced blood sugar levels in the body make one feel hungry more frequently, thus promoting the accumulation of fat, and the creation of the ‘beer belly’.

Fried Food

The most common cause for teen obesity is fast food. This usually consists of a meal containing your regular hamburger, fries and a drink and an extra portion for a minimal additional charge. Many of these fast foods are fried so as to speed up service and subsequently, increase customers. This serves to reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals and increases the quantity of sodium and fat which is rife in such greasy fare. Deep fat frying adds unnecessary pounds to food and the low fiber content slows down the digestive system. If belly fat isn’t your idea of chic, then it’s best that you stay away from these greasy concoctions.

Salad Dressing

No your eyes are not deceiving you. Now you know why your belly fat isn’t reducing even though you follow a salad-based diet. Believe it or not, this creamy concoction sometimes contains dairy products in its list of ingredients which, as mentioned before, the body finds difficult to digest due to its high fat content. If this isn’t enough to scare you, then the hundreds of unpronounceable ingredients on the back of salad dressing bottles should make you wary. Who knows what you are putting in your body! The best way to lose weight, and maintain your salad-based diet, is to avoid eating in restaurants. Don’t be fooled by the ‘low fat’ label of their ‘salads’. The dressing they use is rarely fat free.

Sodium (Salt)

This element, when combined with chlorine, gives rise to table salt, which is the culprit in many a greasy confectionaries. Believe it or not, excess amounts of this element leads to weight gain and even obesity, if not controlled. How? When sodium intake exceeds the amount of the same element in the body, it tends to build up within the kidneys and intestines. These organs then have to work extra hard to excrete this excess salt, leading to a buildup of extra fluid in the body. This ultimately, leads to increased blood pressure including extra weight gain from the water. So, if you want to lose weight, it’s best to regulate your sodium intake. Don’t eliminate it from your diet altogether!


Yes, Pasta! This delicious snack is the culprit behind many distended bellies because of its wheat-based ingredients. A high metabolic rate is essential to burn fat effectively and the wheat-based ingredients in pasta slow down the digestive process. This leads to bloating, which can also lead to weight gain. This product is recommended for the athletic type, as the low amount of fiber makes it a slow energizer. So, unless you are susceptible to daily marathons, it’s best to stay away from this oh-so-delicious snack.

Hopefully, this survey has proved to ruin your appetite for all the junk and greasy food you love to cram down your throat. If you want to keep your feet within your sight, then it’s best to consume food which actually benefits you health wise, rather than ones which only serve to give you a brief high. A brief period of withdrawal is better than the embarrassment you will face if you get stuck in the elevator!

If you want a bit of body magic, then you best stick to green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cabbage, etc. These greens are high in fiber and energy, both of which will provide you with that extra oomph to remain lively and efficient the entire day. In addition, the slim look of the reshaping garment will do wonders for your figure and your confidence while you are losing the weight. Kim Laney

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