There are plenty of mistakes which you might be doing while trying to lose weight which is hindering your progress and possibly keeping you away from achieving your desired physique. It’s important to know what these mistakes are so that you can avoid them at any cost and lose the excess body fat while maintaining muscle mass at the same time.


There are a ton of starvation diets out there which will have you eat little to no food and they do work short term. But sooner than later everybody fails to follow such a rigorous diet because it’s simply impossible to do so. And what happens at the end is that people gain all the weight that they have lost back (the so called yo-yo effect) and possibly go even higher than their starting weight number.

I recommend your caloric deficit should be around 10-20% below your daily maintenance caloric intake (the caloric intake where you don’t lose or gain weight, but simply maintain it) if you don’t want to starve yourself as well as preserve as much lean muscle mass as possible during the dieting phase.

Start of slowly and gradually raise your caloric deficit and/or add more exercise to increase daily energy expenditure.

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Protein is extremely important when dieting as it helps preserve lean muscle mass and is very satiating. These two factors should not be neglected if you want to achieve the best results possible. Preserving lean muscle mass is crucial because you don’t want to simply lose weight but you want to lose as much fat mass and at the same time preserve as much muscle mass as possible. And as for the satiating effect goes, when we diet we have to, of course, eat less food than we burn off in a day and that means we most probably won’t feel as full as we normally would. If you want to reduce hunger levels you have to eat enough protein.


Certain supplements can definitely help you lose fat faster and easier, but you shouldn’t rely on them to do the whole job for you. First of all, you have to prepare a good nutrition program which includes the right amount of calories and protein as well as higher amounts of low-calorie dense foods like fruit and vegetables and you have to incorporate a quality workout program (a combination of some sort of resistance training and aerobic training will yield best results). When you take care of that then it’s time to have a look at potentially including certain supplements to help you achieve your goals.


These are just some of the worst mistakes you can do when dieting and is probably hindering your progress in a major way. Stay away from these mistakes to ensure effortless weight loss. At the end of the day, losing fat isn’t rocket science but you certainly have to put in some effort and avoid certain mistakes to get the best results.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matjaž is a certified personal trainer and is currently attaining his Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps people achieve their fitness goals.He regularly writes about exercise, nutrition and supplement tips on

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