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There are a lot of things to consider when going grocery shopping. For example, would your salmon dinner pair better with rice or quinoa?

Should you go with store brand cereal or name brand? Do you still need milk to did you get a gallon last week?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make while grocery shopping, though, is whether or not to buy organic.Organic products have been around long enough where the value of buying organic isn’t questioned.

Buying certified organic products means that you’re helping to preserve the earth for future generations and promoting sustainable agriculture. It also means that your food is free of pesticides and food additives, which can mean it is better for you.

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Yet, while the availability of organic foods has become more widespread, eating organic snacks at workcan be a little bit trickier. Here are our top four organic snacks for a happy earth and healthy you.

1. Apples

Filling, fibrous, and good for your heart, apples have always been a favorite snack for both the young and old. Maybe it’s because of the many benefits apples have.

According to, apples not only decrease risks of long-term diseases like heart disease, they also help combat diabetes and can even extend your workout sessions. Plus, they taste amazing. Small wonder that organic apples are a go-to snack around the office.

If you’re getting a little tired of the same texture of apples and want to spice things up, Bare, a company that creates delicious baked fruit chips, has an all organic line with three flavors: Fujiand Reds, Granny Smith, and cinnamon apple. These snacks are also GMO free and an all-around healthy snack. You can’t lose with this organic apple alternative.


2. Beef Jerky

Not your traditional organic healthy snack, beef jerky—and jerky in general—is actually loaded with protein. But that’s not all this organic snack can do. According to Huffington Post, beef jerky also doesn’t raise your level of the hormone insulin that signals your body to store fat.

Beef jerky’s bad rep stems from high levels of sodium and other preservatives, which some varieties have. If you’re careful and read the label, though, you won’t run into this problem and can indulge in the delicious taste of jerky without the harmful side effects.

Organic beef jerky sweetens the deal even more, and there are a few good ones out there. I’d recommend Golden Valley Natural. Their Sweet N’ Spicy jerky is a great early afternoon snack to help you power through the workday. And, a serving only has 270 milligrams of sodium, which is relatively low for jerky.

3. Trail Mix

Practically a staple for the organic food movement, trail mix is a favorite among snackers because of its high protein content and addictive flavors. There are hundreds of varieties from about as many different companies, but many of them are surprisingly unhealthy for you.

This is because of all of the preservatives and sugar found in many different trail mixes. Yogurt chip and M&M trail mixes sound too good to be true because they probably are (health-wise).

On the other hand, some varieties are both good for you and good for the environment. One of the best organic trail mixes available is Eden Organic Wild Berry Mix.

This delicious snack only contains the simple organic ingredients listed on the front of the bag, all of which are delicious, good for you, and even GMO free. There’s really nothing to lose with this delicious organic snack.

4. Cheese Sticks

A favorite snack of elementary schoolchildren everywhere, cheese sticks can also be both healthy for you and organic. Many cheese sticks are high in protein, vitamin A, and calcium. The important thing to remember about this delicious food, though, is that processed cheese sticks can be significantly unhealthier.

According to Livestrong, ensuring that a cheese stick is high quality is making sure that it is not processed. Factoring in organic qualities could add to the overall quality and healthiness of this creamy snack.

Finding organic unprocessed cheese sticks can be tricky at a supermarket. Luckily, Horizon Organic Mozarella Cheese Sticks are carried at many major grocery stores. These cheese sticks are organic and contain eight grams of protein and are 20 percent calcium.

Horizon also makes a few other organic cheese products, including a Colby cheese stick and cheese slices, all of which is organic and good for you.

Admittedly, organic snacking is a new market and has yet to be fully fleshed out with healthy, all natural products for your workplace. These organic snack options are the best in a line of snacks that you can eat knowing you are helping the planet, fueling your body, and keeping a healthy diet. 

Author: Daniel Pawlak is a snack connoisseur and employee wellness writer for SnackNation, an office snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun and workplaces more awesome.

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