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If you recently had a major surgery, it can be overwhelming. After all, your body underwent trauma and it will take you some time to get back to normal. However, with the right plan you can get back to 100% sooner rather than later. That way, you won’t let the surgery keep you down any longer than necessary. So don’t resign to having a lower level of energy or happiness. Here are four ways to quickly get back into the swing of things:

Taper off Medication
Withdrawal symptoms can be really tough to deal with long term. That is one of the main reasons it can be so dangerous to stay on prescription medications that the doctor prescribes for you after a surgery. They might make you feel great for a short time, but then a dependence can build up. The best thing to do is taper off them gradually. That way, by the time your normal dose runs out, you won’t be depending on them any longer and can switch to more healthy alternatives. If your withdrawal symptoms are particularly challenging, you might consider non-addictive opioid treatment.

Returning to Work 
Work is often hard enough as it is. When you are coming off surgery, you might have an even tougher time getting back into the grind. However, pace yourself and you will slowly build your confidence and speed back up again. It’s important to communicate to your boss and other workers that you are trying your best but might need some wiggle room.

Diet and Exercise 
Diet and regular exercise are the two foundations that everything else will be built from. Without a great diet, it is harder for your body to heal as quickly as it needs to. And when you exercise more, it cleans out your blood and gives you the right dose of hormones to heal. In addition, you will simply feel better overall.

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There is nothing like spending time doing the things you love. So it can be stressful not being able to enjoy your hobbies as fully at first. However, if you are patient with yourself and take things one day at a time, eventually your passions will be at the forefront of your life again.

Sometimes surgery is a necessary part of life. However, it doesn’t need to keep you from living and enjoying your life. In fact, if you want to rebound faster, all you need is the right plan. So start getting back into the swing of things sooner than you thought possible before. Using the four tips above, you can feel better before you know it.

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

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