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The benefits of a healthy workplace are numerous. Your business will be able to keep its healthcare costs lower. Your workers will be healthier and more productive. You will also have fewer workers who will be calling in sick. Because of the benefits of a healthy workplace, your business should use these four methods to promote health.

Provide Access To Fitness Centers

One way to encourage employees to get healthier is to provide them with access to fitness facilities. Fitness facilities that are placed on the worksite will allow workers to more easily make time for exercise. Or, if this is impractical, another option is to pay for a membership at a nearby gym. In order for employees to take advantage of fitness centers, it may also make sense to give employees time during the day to visit a nearby fitness center.

Another way to encourage exercise is to participate in physical activities with fellow employees outside the office. This could include evening hikes, starting a hockey team or anything else that your staff might be interested in. Take an office survey to see what kind of activities your office staff might be interested in and implement them. By doing this you will naturally increase staff participation and morale because your employees will be more actively involved. Having employees involved in the planning will also help them get other employees excited.

Pay For Health Education Courses

Offer to pay for free health education courses for employees. Research whether there are local community health education classes that your company can pay for your employees to attend. If you do not intend to pay for all of your employees to participate in health education courses, at least identify employees who you believe would be interested in and benefit from such courses.

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Maintain Healthy Company Policies

Have company policies that promote good health. For instance, create a tobacco-free workplace and encourage employees who are smokers to quit smoking. You could also encourage employees to exercise for a certain amount of time or distance each week. If you provide soda and other less healthy food options, consider encouraging your employees to consume less every week. You could turn these healthy incentives into company-wide competitions and have some fun with it.

Provide Access To Healthy Eating Options

Another great way to promote health in the workplace is by providing easier access to healthy foods. Consider investing in vending machines for sale, and stock them with healthier options for your employees. There are several vending companies that will even provide fresh fruits and vegetables that are kept refrigerated until they are ready to be consumed. Even something as simple as providing a communal refrigerator can allow employees to bring healthy meals to work.

Also, make sure that it is made clear that your employees are not allowed to abuse illegal substances. Perform regular drug tests in order to detect whether your employees are abusing illegal substances. If you uncover that an employee is abusing a substance, you will have the option of terminating your employee or recommending that he or she participate in a substance abuse treatment program.

Some employees will appreciate your efforts to help them achieve a greater state of health and well-being, while other employees may feel that your efforts to promote a healthy workplace are intrusive. However, by making an effort to promote health and well-being at the office, you will be doing the right thing both for your employees and for your company. In the end, all you can do is encourage your employees and facilitate them whenever possible.

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