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We live in a fast-paced society. With a lot of demand and pressure from work, family and community, we adapt a habit of rushing through everything. With the long items on our to-do-list, there are important things that we tend to forget or don't give much priority.

One of the things that we shove down to our priority list is fitness.

Because c’mon, who has the time to spend 2-3 hours at the gym every day?

No matter how busy our day is though, we should never compromise fitness and healthy living. We should find ways on how to incorporate an active lifestyle to our crazy schedules.

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Below are some of the ingenious ways of squeezing fitness in to your busy schedule.

Walk it out

One of the easiest ways of incorporating fitness into your daily activity is walking.

It's not only an effective cardio exercise but won't cost you anything as well. No gym membership or any machine needed.

How to maximize the benefit of walking?

Park a few meters away from your destination and walk the rest of the way. Instead of using elevators, use the stairs.

Having a busy day at the office?

Try standing from your desk every hour and walk around for at least a few minutes. It's a good way to give your joints some breather, plus stepping away from the computer will help you lower down your stress.

Have some grocery errands to do?

If the store is a walking distance, skip the gas and walk your way to and from the grocery store.

You will be surprised how walking will give you a fit and healthy body.

Get up a little earlier

Are you still feeling sleepy that you hit the snooze button of your alarm clock?

Instead of additional 10 minutes of snoozing off, try to wake up a little bit earlier. Starting your day early will reap more benefits.

What happens when you wake up a bit earlier?

You don't rush yourself. You have plenty of time to prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast instead of just grabbing some donuts or bagel on your way to work.

You have time to do meditation or exercise or take a quick jog and enjoy the fresh air.

You will be in a happier mood when you wake up a bit earlier. When you are happy, you get to have healthy choices of food.

Weekend warrior

Majority of the population works from Monday to Friday and have the weekend as their day off. They say work hard but party harder.

Though weekend is the time that you can relax and have fun, it should also be the time to get moving and be active. The sound of spending your whole weekend on the couch catching up with your favorite TV show can be appealing, however don't spend your entire weekend slugging and being a couch potato.

Walk your dog out, have a general cleaning on your apartment, attend a yoga class. When you spend your weekend doing physical activity, you will face Mondays with so much energy and enthusiasm.

Combine exercise with something else

You don't necessarily need an elliptical machine for workout as a way of sweating out.

With trying to accomplish so many things at the same time, we should be a master in multi-tasking. Though spending an hour in exercise alone is great, sometimes this is not ideal.

Try incorporating exercise with some of your day to day activities.

Does your apartment need a little cleaning and tidying up? Doing household chores don't just make your space sparkly clean but it will also help you burn some calories.

Does your car look dirty and muddy? Washing your car will not just clean it but it's also a great workout.

There’s no doubt that most of us are juggling through work and life balance. With these simple yet effective ways, you can get your own dose of exercise and fitness no matter how busy your day is.

About Author: Jennifer O'Neal is a writer who loves to write articles on various topics such as health, fitness, workout, workout machine, and all ellipticals. She believes making small healthy changes has a great impact on your life. She loves cycling, being active and staying healthy.

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