Stay Active During Your Work Day

We live such sedentary lives by spending too much time working in an office. More than half our day is spent sitting behind a desk with our computer that sometimes we forget to eat on time or even do some exercise. Each and every day we live such unhealthy lives. One day you will just suddenly realize you have developed a huge gut around your belly or extra fats on your derriere. We have to find ways to keep ourselves active even if we are at work in the office.

There are a lot of creative ways you can squeeze in some exercise even if you are parked at your desk. You just have to remember that you must keep active by doing some simple tasks every day until it becomes a routine. Here are 5 ways that you can do in the office that will help you stay fit and healthy.

1. Increase Your Water Intake

Just because you are sitting down the whole time it doesn’t mean your body is not consuming water. Sweating, taking bathroom breaks and constantly talking are ways your body consumes the water you drink. Keeping your body warm inside an air-conditioned office is also another way your body exhausts your internal fluids. To keep your body well hydrated you must increase your water intake.

You can fill a tall tumbler with water. Then set an alarm on when you should finish your first tumbler of water for the day. Once the alarm goes off, get up and refill your water container. That short walk to the water station is already a simple exercise. Make it a goal to finish at least two or more tumblers of water a day for complete hydration.

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2. Sneak In Exercises In Between Work

You can definitely squeeze in some sort of exercise during work hours. You can stand up in your cubicle and do some stretching exercises from time to time. In moving from one floor to the other, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. When you are sending a message to a co-worker, do it personally instead of using e-mail or chat. By walking short distances and stretching exercises you can improve blood circulation just by doing these within the office.

If you want to take the exercises outside, you have to work around your schedules. Set your meetings outdoors and if possible make the venue just within walking distance from your office. Another option is to have a lunch buddy and take your lunch in the neighbourhood café or resto. Walking short distances not only improves your body’s circulation. It also improves your mood and overall disposition.

3. Set Reminders For 5 Minutes Breaks To Do Stretches    

Set your alarm at a fixed time every day so that you can do at least 5 minutes worth of stretching exercises. A good few minutes of stretching improves your body’s circulation and relaxes tired muscles as well.

4. You Can Use The Office Gym 

If you are lucky enough to have a gym in your office then take advantage of getting a free workout. You can make use of that 1 hour lunch break or do your exercise before or after work hours. One of the highly recommended exercises is cycling on exercise bike. A few minutes of biking is equivalent to a jog around the block. If cycling is not your thing, you can do weight lifting and that is the best stress reliever.

5. Fidget At Work

You’ll be surprised how inactive you can be hours long at the office. To correct that you have to learn how to fidget or do small activities with your body parts so that you will remain active. Replace your seat with an exercise or Pilates ball. By sitting on that it forces you to balance your body and strengthen your abs. Buy a stress ball or a fidget gadget. That will keep your eyes and hands busy while on you are the phone or mulling at your desk. Constant movement of your eyes and hands keeps you alert, your brain active and relieves stress.

Author bio: Jennifer O'Neal is a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the thrill of an outdoor ride as much as the one on her indoor cycling bike. She regularly contributes to, a leading provider of exercise bike reviews and education.

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