We all know how easy it is to put on those extra holiday pounds, and also how difficult it is to lose that "holiday weight"! It’s no wonder that loosing weight and getting back in shape is the number one resolution everyone makes. Here are few useful tips to help you achieve the great results and aid you in loosing some of that weight you gained over the holidays:

1) Opt to eat small meals during the day as opposed to 3 main (and big) meals. Small meals will continuously fuel your body, keeping it energized and maintaining a good metabolism rate at the same time. This also prevents our tendencies to overeat, because the portion sizes are already reduced. Two birds with one stone! A good tip on when to base your meals around are the times of the day when you are most active – as the activity will certainly help to burn off those calories. For example, you can opt to eat a more fulfilling breakfast and a light dinner meal, as you are more likely to burn off those calories during the day than in your sleep!

2) Eat out less. This way, you know exactly what’s going onto your plate and it makes the calorie-counting much easier. With so many healthy pre-packaged options available to us nowadays, it’s very easy to quickly throw together a healthy meal!

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3) Eat the food you like. Let’s face it, if we want to maintain our weight, we have to maintain our diet. And to maintain our diet, we need to actually like what’s in it. The problem does not lie with the food, it lies with the way we prepare and portion it. There are an abundance of fresh herbs available that can bring out the taste in our favourite food but keep the calories in check.

4) Snack smart! You don’t have to cut out all the cookies and sweets, but instead of indulging in 5 pieces of cookies next time, replace it with 2 cookies and 1 yogurt. Instead of having chips and dip for movie nights, opt for a simple veggie platter with fat-free dressing! It really all comes down to portion control.

5) Drink a lot of water. While it keeps you hydrated and makes your skin look nice, it’s also a great way to quench little pangs of hunger when the time for your next snack or meal is not here yet. Avoid drinking too much of those packaged fruit drinks if possible – those things are loaded with sugar.

Remember – weight loss isn’t a one-time-diet deal, we should always maintain the same body weight to truly be healthy! Changing our eating behaviour is the only way to truly "lose weight" the healthy way!

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