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It's no fun being sick or injured. Aside from being physically hurt, injuries often take you out of your normal rhythm and wear on your mind and emotions. Here are five great tips to boost your mental toughness and help you speed up your recovery from injury or ailment.

Talk to Someone

Sitting in bed is a great way to rest and can be vital to the healing process, but days or weeks at home can get lonely. Talking to someone is a great way to get that emotional connection we all need. We are social creatures and need to communicate with others to feel whole. Whether you're meeting someone in person, part of a social club, or just picking up the phone for a quick call any kind of human to human contact fills that void.

Modern technology is a great tool for communication. The internet provides instant access to people from across the globe. Websites, forums, and communication applications are all great options when it comes connecting with others. Online communication can be kept anonymous, which is useful for those wanting their privacy, and with thousands of different topics and niche sites users can find anything they're interested in to talk about.

Write Down Your Goals

Extended periods of recovery from an injury or chronic ailments can leave people feeling lost. Taking time to look around and think about what you really want out of life is a great way to reorient and reinvigorate yourself.

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Try writing down five simple goals you'd like to accomplish within the next year. These can be as small as making a meal or as large as starting a new business. The idea is to set a goal you can accomplish and begin working towards it. Large goals with longer time frames are also useful, but try to keep things manageable at first. If you're unable to accomplish a goal, set your sights closer to something more achievable and try again.

Eat Healthy

Healthy living starts with what we eat. If you're strict doctor's orders, be sure to follow their advice in terms of what you can or cannot eat. We all know that fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables are great for a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes a piece of cake or comfort food can really boost our spirits. Be sure to keep those treats in moderation, but don't stress yourself out by depriving yourself of those simple pleasures.

Take Up a Hobby

Keeping busy is a great way to take your mind off the stresses of recovery. Starting a new hobby not only challenges us with new information and helps develop new skills, it's also fun. Depending on your circumstances, you can start small like reading a book, working on a craft project, or get into something more physical like yoga. There are hundreds of fun and creative hobbies out there that you never even knew could be your passion.

Get Out of the House

While we can distract our minds and bodies with tasks, often times something as simple as getting out of the house can be that refreshing burst of energy you need. Just going for a walk down the street or a stroll through a nearby park can have you feeling fresh again. For those with mobility issues or with injuries that prevent them from walking, power wheelchairs are a great option to get you moving again. These handy devices come in a variety of styles and functionalities that solve mobility issues and can have you feeling human again.

Injuries and ailments will happen to all of us at some point in our lives. Doctors and medicines can treat our bodies, but keeping our spirits up is just as important. Often times, simply trying something new could spark that passion that has dulled over a long recovery.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking, and gardening. For more information on power wheelchairs contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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