More people than ever are entering their “golden years.” Over 20% of the population is 65 or older and growing. Many of these modern seniors are busy, vibrant and want to increase their years with style and in the best possible health. 

Here are five natural elements that can make getting older more enjoyable.


Get outdoors every day. Just 10 minutes of sunshine does wonders to lighten your mood, add vitamin D to your body and bring a healthy glow to your cheeks. While you’re out there take some deep breaths, smile and be glad you’ve made it this far given everything you’ve been through.

Good Food and Water

Drink pure water at regular intervals throughout the day to stay hydrated. And when you eat, try to stick with fresh and nutritious food. Load up on fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains while limiting animal and dairy products. More and more research is proving a plant-based diet is optimum for aging well.

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Exercise is not a dirty word. Exercise means moving and stretching your body to stay limber and strong. Simple yoga stretches on the floor, on your bed or in your favorite chair will help improve circulation and flexibility. Take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or a vigorous walk in the woods at least three times a week.

Music, Laughter and Learning

Play an instrument, listen to music, or sing. Music is good for your heart. Keep reading, have deep conversations and surf the Internet to learn the next amazing thing. And don’t forget to laugh! Get together with your funny friends, watch hilarious movies or stand-up routines on TV. Lord Byron said, “Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.”

Peace of Mind  

Our minds are full of plans, hopes, worries and wishes. It is important to give your mind a break and help relieve it of heavy thinking. Have more fun. Be happy and grateful for your life. Meditation and present moment awareness are life-enhancing practices that are beneficial to everyone. And there are many ways to practice.

Age well and let your golden years shine.

One key to give yourself peace of mind is to get your affairs in order. You may want to consult with an attorney who specializes in Living Trusts, Wills, Estate Planning and Advanced Health directives. Any one of these legal documents can go a long way to ensuring your peace of mind.

Rachael Murphey is an entrepreneur and blogger on topics of personal success, fashion, business, marketing, personal finance, and health. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with her Associates in English, and from the University of Colorado Denver with her Bachelors in Business Management. She has written for Health Comm Key, NaturaLife, David Carrier Elder Law Attorneys, and of course All Wellness Guide. She currently lives in Denver with her dog Charlie.


Live Well to Age Well: Healthy Aging Tips


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