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If you have been taking birth control pills for a while, then it may take some time for your body to be primed for pregnancy. But, there are some proven tips that will boost your fertility and help you get pregnant. Keep reading for 5 tips to getting pregnant after birth control.

Below are Top 5 tips for Getting Pregnant After Birth Control

1. Know when to start trying

As you already know, birth control pills help you avoid a pregnancy simply by preventing ovulation. Please note, ovulation is the process when the eggs are released from your ovaries. So, if you want to become pregnant and conceive a baby, stop taking the pills right away. It’s the very first step to make your body become prepared and primed for the pregnancy. Apart from that, you need to know the exact time period when you should start trying some attempts.

The final week of birth control pills is usually a placebo, that’s mainly designed to keep your rhythm continuing for taking more pills. Please note, you are supposed to have your period during that week. In general, you won’t ovulate for approximately 14 days after the final week. Therefore, you should wait until the end of the monthly pack of your birth control pill. But, do not start again with another new pack. Rather, you should now start taking attempts for a pregnancy.

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2. No period after the pill

As per the medical term, the condition of “no period after the pill” is widely known as amenorrhea. So, when you stop taking those oral contraceptives and miss your period, then the very first thought that often comes to your mind is that — you’ve become pregnant. But, to be absolutely certain about it, you are recommended to use a pregnancy test.

That’s because — when you completely stop taking birth control pills, the hormone level (which suppresses ovulation) stops. Next, your body gets ignited to start its own natural hormone production.

However, in some cases, it takes some time for your body to regain the normal rhythm and it affects your regular menstrual period. Thus, if you miss a period, it’s better to double-check your body with a pregnancy test (before being absolutely sure about it).

3. Fertility implications of coming off the pill 

What does happen next when you stop taking the pills? First of all, oral contraceptives do not reduce your fertility level. It’s a completely misunderstood and misinterpreted fact that birth control pills affect your fertility. Please note, there’s no such evidence that proves this misleading fact.

But, obviously, there are some side-effects which you need to be aware of. The oral contraceptive pills will suppress your body’s natural hormonal cycle and replace it with a bunch of synthetic hormones. As you stop consuming these tablets, some side effects can be observed.

After coming off the pill, it may result in a withdrawal bleed for one week. Other common implications include irregular periods, a rapid hormonal acne, and weight loss. During this time, it’s recommended to follow a healthy and nutritious diet (preferably whole30 diet) to boost your fertility and prepare your body for an upcoming pregnancy. The whole30 diet plan promotes a healthy eating habit where you are encouraged to eat lots of vegetables, moderate portions of seafood, eggs, and meat, and avoid consuming sugar, alcohol, and dairy products.

4. After the IUD or Intrauterine Device

IUD (intrauterine device) is nothing but a birth control device which is inserted to a woman’s uterus in order to avoid pregnancy. So, if you are using this device as a protection against unwanted pregnancy, consult with your doctor immediately and get it removed (before you aim to become an expectant mother).

5. When in doubt, talk to your doctor

In the aforementioned sections, you have revealed four helpful tips for getting pregnant after birth control. If you are still dubious and uncertain about your chances of getting pregnant, you are recommended to consult with your doctor. Your physician already knows your health history; thus, he/she will help you take the best and most informed decision about when you should take attempts and get pregnant.

Author: Ryan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer at fitness goals, with a passion for writing and a love for chocolate. He enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.

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