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Pregnancy is a time of absolute bliss for a woman. It is; however, essential for an expecting mother keep staying physically active as among the top priorities during the entire pregnancy timeline.

Such is required not only for keeping a vigilant eye and control over the baby weight, more than that; however, to ensure the body is strong enough to handle as well as endure the process of birth itself.

It is also essential to ensure that any fitness plan decided upon is pre-checked with your midwife or the personal obstetrician. The most general and recommended fitness activities for staying active during pregnancy include but are not limited to those mentioned below:


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Yoga not only helps the body relax physically but is also said to help calm the cognitive working of the mind; therefore, being an excellent choice in trying to stay fit as well as active during pregnancy. For expecting mothers whom of which are not familiar with yoga already, it is advised to sign up for prenatal classes or courses for the correct kind of guidance.

With the advantage of being able to quickly do yoga as per your own convenient time as well as place, more experienced women in yoga, following prenatal yoga DVD’s or books can help with identifying the typical prenatal yoga poses which best suits your body type and needs.


Unlike yoga, a prerequisite for being able to enjoy swimming thoroughly is to have full access to a pool.

Taking laps around the swimming pool can work wonders not only for your body’s fitness during pregnancy but the psychological effect of weightlessness when the body is submerged in the water can prove to be incredibly relaxing for the mind as well.


Regardless of whether one may choose to opt for biking or cycling on a stationary bike at home or in spinning classes, a bicycle is considered as an ideal way of ensuring that the heart rate rises while the expecting mother is still comfortably seated.

An ideal form of cardio, a stationary bike’s most prominent component lies within the sheer safety it can provide to expecting mother within the vicinity of their homes.


If you may not give preference to running, then a simple brisk walk, merged with your headphones playing your favorite kind of music or podcasts can be an excellent form of physical activity during pregnancy.

A brisk walk in the pace of your desired choice, even when carrying out errands such as going till the local market, the post office or even collecting your children from the school involves not only multi-tasking but also offers physical fitness both for the mother and the expecting child.


Considered as an ideal form of expressing your emotions; dance is an excellent choice for staying active as well as relaxed during pregnancy.

Prenatal dance classes offer expecting mothers warm-up moves that are safe for both the child as well as the mother and at the same time help the body stretch to eliminate or release strain or tension that may be trapped within the body via daily physical activity.

Whether it’s your baby weight you are watching out for, or just some physical as well as psychological release you may be in search of via physical activity during pregnancy. The above mentioned are excellent forms of keeping yourself active throughout the pregnancy timeline.

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