how spirituality affects health

There are many ways to define spirituality but experts define it as a belief in something bigger than you. Many people who practice spirituality have a feeling that something bigger than them is at work. You can practice spirituality in different ways such as prayer, meditation, and mindfulness. Connecting to art like journaling or nature for example when you are walking can also inspire spirituality. But one thing for sure is that spirituality plays a big role in health and wellness. Research shows that spirituality helps people cope better with life challenges, which help improve their health and well-being. In addition to giving meaning to life, spirituality can help improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. For those who are more spiritual, spirituality can be a source of comfort and stress relief. It has been shown that spirituality helps you feel more gratitude, cope better with stress, experience more compassion, and develop positive relationships. The following are 5 ways spirituality can help make you healthier.

1. Spirituality Helps Fight Depression

Depression is a serious medical condition that is characterized by persistent feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and sadness. It is possible to treat depression with therapy and medication, but studies suggest that practicing spirituality such as prayer, mindfulness, and yoga can help alleviate depression effects. Spirituality helps you explore your inner world by connecting you on a deeper level. When you try to find some connection with others it can help support your mental health. Your mind and body are interconnected. This means that when you practice spirituality, it can help strengthen your body and alleviate mental illness and depression effects.

2. Spiritual Practice Improves Sleep

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Many people fail to get the recommended hours of sleep which is important in maintaining your health. If you suffer from chronic sleep problems, it can be as a result of poor habits and lifestyle choices. Trauma and major life events such as death can stress you out which can adversely affect your sleep. Spiritual practices such as meditation can help improve your sleep because they work by calming the turbulence within your body.

3. Spirituality Can Help Strengthen the Immune System

The immune system is an important part of your system because it defends your body against toxins and infection. However, your immune system can be weakened by several reasons such as alcohol, smoking, and poor nutrition. Practicing spirituality such as taking a nature walk, praying, and meditating can help boost your immune system. Spiritual practices like mindfulness or meditation work by triggering your immune system’s healing ability, so that it achieves a state of balance both in mind and body.

4. Mindfulness Lowers Blood Pressure

You may experience high blood pressure when your blood vessels narrow and heart starts to pump faster. If not treated, high blood pressure may put extreme strain on your blood vessels and heart leading to stroke and heart attack. You may want to take pills to treat high blood pressure but you can find natural remedies to treat this condition. The good thing about spiritual and mindfulness practices is that they helps lower blood pressure because it not only supports the healing of your physical body but also supports its emotional and mental health.

5. Spirituality Helps Live Healthier and More Fulfilling Lives

Research shows that people who attend church or participate in various religious activities tend to live longer than those who don’t. One study conducted with 74,500 as female participants indicates that people who attended spiritual services had 33 percent less risk of dying. Another separate study showed that people who practiced spirituality such as meditation or prayer live longer than those who don’t.

Evidence shows that spirituality can help you cope with stress, high blood pressure, and improve your sleep. If you practice spirituality such as prayers, it can lead to less depression, less hypertension, less stress, and improved psychological well-being. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to practice spirituality so that you can live a healthier and happier life.

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