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We sleep through one-third of our lives. Sleep is one of the most basic needs and, as such, is an essential part of our everyday routine. Controlling the functioning of our body and mind alike, plenty of shut-eye can do wonders for our health.Today we share 5 super powers a good night’s rest carries that contribute to all the magic that happensto your flesh and psyche while you’re sound asleep.

1. Prevents you from gaining weight

We all have those days when cravings follow us from early morning till late evening, keeping us away from whatever it is we should be working on. Be it candy,fatty snacks or even a glass of beer – being unable to resist these temptations could substantially affect your waist measurements. Now, believe it or not, a proper sleep may actually make these go away, as the part of the brain that is responsible for increased appetite gains in power when exhaustion hits the mind. Additionally, treating your bedtime seriously can significantly boost your metabolism and help burn calories the next day.Do you need any more evidence to prove how mucha well-deserved restkeeps you in shape?

2. Strengthens your immune system

Whenever we fall ill, we observe an increased need for sleep – and the universal piece of advice we always receive from our doctors is to stay in bed and rest.Missing out on just one or two hours of sleep can greatly influence your organism’s ability to fight off infection and disease. The risk of catching a cold triples with every such instance, and any cuts and bruises heal more slowly than they otherwise would. The same applies to more serious conditions, including those that require a hospital stay – the power of sleep helps in the recovery, and combined with medicine can radically improve its effectiveness.

3. Rejuvenates your skin

In the era of commercialization of health and beauty and a bottomless sea of products to choose from, it’s worth remembering that sleep is the least expensive and the most effective of all available cosmetics.During the few crucial stages of the night’s sleep all of organism’s cells regenerate, allowing you to obtain that smooth skin and healthy glow. To aid the process, it is necessary to rid the face of any leftover makeup and other remainders from the day to let the skin breathe and avoid clogging the pores.First results are usually visible right away – the celebrity secret of beauty sleep truly is a powerful tool.

4. Sharpens your memory

If you think pulling an all-nighter while studying for finals will help you ace that exam, you’re fooling yourself. While such desperate moves might work when you have no other alternative, the fact remains that the level of sleep deficiency is proportionate to the decline in your memorizing skills. Cramming for an exam while tired not only prolongs the amount of time you need to pick up new information, but also makes it less possible for you to remember the facts and dates the next day. Getting plenty of sleep, on the other hand, increases your brainpower and lets the freshly acquired knowledge set in the mind – and still be there when you most need it.

5. Puts you in a good mood

Lack of sleep does not only influence your attitude, but also causes the brain to produce higher levels of stress hormone, known as cortisol. This could, in turn, affect your personal relationships and cause you to do poorly at school or work. Being kind to people and productive at your job goes a long way, and it definitely shows when you haven’t had enough rest to help you perform at your best. It goes without saying that feeling deprived of energy before you even start the day won’t help you face the daily challenges with a great dose of optimism. As Dalai Lama famously said, “sleep is the best meditation” and, as such, holds the key to happiness.

Getting a certain amount of sleep per night can really mark a make or break of your most important daily tasks. Equipped in the knowledge of how sleeping enough works miracles on your body and mind, take the above points to heart and never fail to commit to at least those 8 precious hours of revitalizing sleep a night.

Author’s Bio: Susanne Loxton is a wellness and personal development enthusiast who combines her zeal for all things healthy with a passion for writing. On a daily basis, Susanne works for Aubiz, a compendium of knowledge about companies in her native Australia.

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