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Feeding our toddlers and kids with healthy foods are one of the challenges that many parents face. With the popularity of fast food and readily-processed food available everywhere, it is easy to be tempted and give in to their wants of having unhealthy and high-calorie filled snacks. Don’t fret though as these tips below are proven to be effective on how to provide healthy snacks to your little ones that will keep them healthy and fit.

01. Keep junk food away

Kids tend to grab whatever food that they have on sight. Even if they are not hungry, they would more likely munch on that pack of potato chips if they are readily displayed on your kitchen. To make sure that your children will not eat junk food, do not include them on your grocery list.

02. Limit sugar in your child’s diet

Too much sugar can have negative effects on your child such as reduction of brain function, being moody and tired, leads to over-eating and obesity and may contribute to Type 2 Diabetes. Reduce the amount of sugar intake in your child by being conscious of the amount of sugar in the food that you are giving to your little ones. Also eliminate sugar added beverages such as sugar added juices or sodas.

03. Be Smart about fat

There are good fats and bad fats. Our body needs healthy or good fats for proper brain function and development. Include foods that are rich in omega-3 fats in your kid’s diet such as olives, avocados, natural peanut butter and nuts. Avoid serving snacks that are high in trans-fat like packaged snack foods, fried foods and commercially baked goods.

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04. Have Fun

Fast food restaurants have their signage’s in bold and colorful letters as this highly attracts the attention of the consumers. Healthy snacks do not need to be plain and boring. Be creative in making sure that the snacks that you are offering to your little ones are not only beneficial to your health but it should also be appealing to their eyes. There are a lot of healthy yet fun snacks that you can make for your kids such as whole grain cereal and waffles, fruit nachos, mini bacon and egg tart, grilled vegetable skewers, yogurt, orange and lemon mini cupcakes, healthier baked goods and smoothies.Your kids would love the healthy snacks that you give to them if it was prepared creatively and interestingly.

05. Cope with picky eaters

Having a picky eater child could be frustrating experience during meal time in the household as parents get worried that their kids would not get the nutrients that they need. Though we would love for them to eat the food prepared, do not force them to eat as this will just cause hunger strike and resentment to food. Be patient with your kid and let them touch or smell their food. This would get their interest in their food. Also make snack time fun by broccoli with their favorite sauce or dip.

06. Address weight issues

Having weight problems on your kids can be very hard to fix, hence it is important to prevent it from happening. By providing healthy snacks to your kids, you are sure that they are getting the nutrients and vitamins that they need. Serve plenty of fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods and other processed foods. Childhood obesity has been rapidly increasing since most kids are exposed to high-calorie diets and spend most of their time on their smartphones or in front of the television or computer. Encourage your kids to be active by introducing sports and other healthy physical activities.

As a parent, it is our role to provide proper nutrition to our children. By following the tips above, you can be confident that your kid will grow to be fit and healthy.

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