How many times did you need a break and you couldn’t afford it because it takes time to organize everything? How many times did you say that you only need five minutes to relax and enjoy yourself, but you couldn’t imagine that that is actually possible? We know that the lifestyle is hectic and it is hard to relax nowadays, but it is necessary to restart yourself once in a while so you can proceed with the every day activities. Here are some tips on how to enjoy yourself within 5 minutes.

Find some peace

Our mind is constantly distracted and we are under a lot of pressure. We need some peace, and unfortunately it is hard to find it sometimes. It is recommendable that you spend some time with yourself, in absolute silence. Just for 5 minutes, close your eyes in a quiet room and have some rest. Close the blinds on the windows, because the dark will suit your eyes and contribute to your rest.

Listen to music

Music is known as a mood elevator and as a contributor to the calm and peace, depending in your feelings and moods. If you want to relax, play your favorite music and enjoy. If you found the music that suits you, focus on it and listen to its words. Many people say that classical music may help you relax, so try listening something from Beethoven or Mozart. You can get rid of the stress with the light music in less than one minute.

Breathing exercises

There are plenty of these exercises online, but the general rule is that you should take a deep breath and breathe out slowly. Breathing helps your general state of mind and sooths the body as well. The simplest exercise goes like this: Take a deep breath and count until five.Then slowly exhale counting to five again. You can of course increase the numbers, everything is up to you. Exhalation enhances relaxation, so devote yourself at least three deep breaths a day and you will see the results.

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Make a salad

Food sometimes helps us relax and enjoy it fully. However, you always have to pay attention to what you eat and whether is it good for your health. That’s why we recommend salads. Fruit salad, veggie salad, meat salad, fish salad, tuna salad – there are so many recipes for amazing salads and you should try them. Why salads? Because they are mostly easy to prepare, especially fruity and veggie one, they are light and they have all the necessary ingredients which will suit your sense of taste.

Enjoy the nature around you

You wouldn’t imagine how helpful nature can be when we feel stressed and tired.A simple walk in the nearest park can help you relax and forget about all the issues you might had during the day. If you have a house and a backyard surrounded by greenery and birds, go outside and enjoy the moment. If you live in a flat and you have a terrace, make yourself a cup of coffee or a tea, and enjoy the view. You can always find some time for this.


Another way to enjoy and relax is taking a nice and long bath in a tub. It doesn’t take much time for preparation, just pour some water and your favorite scented bubble bath, pour a glass of wine and think about nothing but that very moment. Stay like that for at least 25 minutes and repeat it at least once a week.

It is important to enjoy yourself. After all, we don’t want to end up working till late and not having some time for ourselves. Enjoy every moment you may catch and cherish it. 

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