The human body regenerates every day, by breaking down over 430 billion cells and replacing them with new ones. You have the power to cultivate a healthier body, by simply looking after yourself every day.  Here are the 6 ways you can side-track aging and hold on to your good looks for years to come:

1. You are what you eat:

Our body’s internal resilience and visual appeal are all dependent upon our dietary intake. Here’s how you can develop a wholesome and health preserving diet plan:

a.      Essentials of your diet:

Proteins, fiber, healthy fats, nutrients and whole grains are essential for a healthy functioning body. Look to include lean meats and eggs in your diet as they are rich in proteins. Consuming around 10g of fiber everyday facilitates your digestive system and reduces your risk of death by heart disease by 20%. Fiber is abundantly available in legumes.

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Healthy omega-3 fatty acids prevent signs of ageing by reducing body inflammation, stabilizing mood and strengthening bones. Consider adding some omega-3 fatty acids to your plate. Fish such as salmon and walnuts are excellent sources of omega-3s. A study on centenarians (some of the oldest living people in the world) has revealed that eating more vegetables, nuts and soy elongates lifespan and vitality.

b.      Eat less:

Reducing your total calorie intake in a day slows the aging process by reducing the production of T3 (thyroid hormone) which slows down your metabolism. This is important as it helps keep your weight in check. It can be controlled by eating till the stomach is about 80% full.

c.       Super fruits:

Include super fruits like pomegranates and goji berry in your diet because they are more nutritious than other fruits and go a long way in preserving your youth. Pomegranate juice lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, delays atherosclerosis, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and protects the skin from harmful effects of UV rays. Goji berry increases the production of the human growth hormone thus enabling you to look younger, improving your sleep, reducing fat reserves and enhancing your memory and immunity.

d.      Have green tea:

Green teas and herbal teasarethe ideal beverages to maintain a healthy functioning body and mind. It keeps the mind sharp, reduces weight, prevents cancer and provides antioxidants to the body that help fight disease. For maximum benefits, consume 2 to 3 cups each day.

e.       Things to avoid:

The following things are harmful to your health and should be avoided:

1. Processed foods are packed with calories and possess no nutritional value.

2. Foods high in sugar content depresses the immune system, overburdens the pancreas and brings about a rush of energy followed by inevitable exhaustion.

3. Alcohol consumption drains B vitamins, stresses the nervous system, inhibits the regeneration of blood cells, harms the liver and causes brain shrinkage.

4. Caffeine affects the nervous system, stresses adrenal glands and is highly addictive.

5. Baked and deep fried foods create free radicals which injure cell membranes, DNA and enzymes; and burden the liver and digestive system.

2. Invest in your skincare regime:

A glowing, young and healthy skin is an essential constituent of a beautiful self. Many factors have adverse effects on the vitality of our skin, therefore, you need to adopt a thorough skincare regime. Here are some secrets to a young skin:

a.      Use supplements:

Use Retinol (a type of vitamin A) that prevents wrinkles, reduces fine lines and tightens pores. It also brings about a rosy complexion as well as supple and softer skin by gently peeling the outer layer. Madecassol is another anti-aging supplement that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates skin cells and makes the skin glow.

Your skin comes into frequent contact with harmful things such as UV rays, cigarette smoke and pollution that expose it to free radicals. Free radicals damage the elastin and collagen that keeps your skin smooth and firm. Therefore, make use of serums that have antioxidants which are known to neutralize free radicals.

b.      Use Sunscreen:

Exposure to sunlight brings about several signs of ageing including wrinkles. Therefore, never leave the house without sunscreen. Opt for sunscreens that have natural minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, for an added advantage.

c.       Moisturize regularly:

Try to moisturize and hydrate your skin everyday. You can use creams or natural remedies such as sweet almond oil, argan oil and grape seed oil.

3. Work out or exercise:

Health and exercise resonate with each other, so much so that neither is possible without the other. A minimum of 150 minutes of exercise is recommended every week, which can be either moderate or rigorous. The reason for this is that physical exertion improves the functioning of your body, keeps stress at bay and increases the responsiveness of the brain.

4. Get Enough Sleep:

Our bodies benefit tremendously from a good night’s sleep. As you sleep, your immune system begins to work and your body restores its hormone levels. Moreover, several researchers have found a strong connection between early aging and inadequate sleep. Be sure to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

5. Take a break:

A crucial requisite of looking and feeling young is to prevent stress from piling up. Stress not only effects your psychological well-being, but also has a negative impact on your organs. Therefore, it is important to give yourself a break from a monotonous and hectic routine every now and then.

5. Do Yoga:

Reduce stress and get more fit by practicing stretching and relaxations techniques using yoga and meditation. Yoga is ideal for stress relief and has been found to slow the ageing process. Meditation can also help you become more mindful and further reduce stress.

6. Monitor Your Health

The key to staying healthy is to be proactive and keep monitoring your vital signs. Be sure to regularly measure your cholesterol levels, BMI, blood pressure and weight stats. Tell your doctor if you notice any changes. Get all the recommended tests and scans when it’s time. Do not delay or postpone any exams, even if you’re feeling perfectly healthy.

Ageless beauty and everlasting health can be maintaining by living a balanced lifestyle and keeping yourself healthy and fit.



6 Ways To Stay Beautiful And Healthy For Years To Come 1KamilRiaz is a Writer and Digital Marketer. He has completed his masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he wrote numerous articles on management, technology and health.

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