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Many people think that we bathe for hygiene or relaxation but we can also bathe for spiritual connection and emotional hygiene.  In fact cultures across the world have long been doing so.  Jews take Mikvahs, Muslims do ablution, people flock to healing waters like Lourdes and in Shinto, the Japanese feel that waterfalls purify.  Today, we can connect to Spirit in the comfort of our own homes by taking a sacred bath.  I have found this to be such an important practice in my own life and I have a new book coming out about sacred baths.  Below are 7 benefits of taking a sacred bath:


We are always so busy with our many roles, responsibilities and distractions.  Our connection to ourselves is often last on the list when ironically we are the Source of all we do.  Reserve 25 minutes a day to hear your higher self and to understand what you most need in your life.

Connect to Spirit

Our ego often directs us, causing us to make choices from a place of fear.  In contrast, Spirit is a force powered by love and it helps us make choices for the highest good of all.  We can take time to tap into this energy by calling in your angels or the Divine to bathe with you.  Ask your spirit guide questions and try to implement this wisdom into your daily life.

Relax & Center

Life pulls us in many directions but a sacred bath is a great tool to center you around an intention.  It is your time to choose your focus and to drown out all other distractions so that you can return to your daily life with renewed clarity.

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Visualize Your Life As You Want It

Studies have shown that visualization works.  You can create the life you want within first and your sacred bath is the best time to do this.  You are relaxed and susceptible to higher guidance.  Spent 20 minutes picturing what you want to happen in your life as if it’s happening now.

Let Go of Any Negativity

Bathing can purify your energy.  Imagine anything negative going down the drain, including lower emotions, negative beliefs and worries.  Focus on what you do what instead.


You have a Divine team at your disposal if you stop to access it.  Many believe that we all have at least one Guardian angel, a cosmic coach whose main task is to encourage your soul’s development.  Take some time in your bath to tune it with your Spirit guide.  Be receptive to their messages about next steps for your growth and be willing to implement them.

Align Your Thoughts, Feelings & Action

The Law of Attraction says that when you align your thoughts, feelings and actions, you’re more likely to manifest things.  Use your sacred bath as a way to shift your vibration from fear to love, to remove limiting beliefs or fears that stop you and to picture what you do want.  You can reemerge from these sacred waters after 25 minutes, ready to achieve your dreams!

To learn more about how to take a sacred bath, get a copy of Dr. Sherman’s, The Book of Sacred Baths:  52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit, published by Llewellyn Worldwide in August 2016, available on Amazon.

Happy Bathing!

 Bio: Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist and author who wrote, The Book of Sacred Baths,’ published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is also the author of “Dating from the Inside Out.” She’s written 21 books and some are translated into 5 languages.  She has a private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan and does life coaching by phone. Learn more at www.sacredbathing.com and www.DrPauletteSherman.com

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