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With age comes beauty and grace but also grey hair and fine wrinkle lines. When the body reaches 40 years of age, it starts showing signs of aging. It is the age which is often marked as the beginning of old-age and menopause. For females, at least, it means a time of great hormonal and bodily changes.

Human skin is a mirror or reflection of whatever is going on inside the bodies. If the insides are working properly it can be seen in the clear glowing skin one carries. The first signs of aging are also observed through the skin.

Staying young and healthy has not only become a trend in today’s world, but it’s a necessity for the busy lifestyle we all seem to have adopted. People, in general, are becoming more and more conscious of what they eat and drink in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Inclination towards herbal treatments, natural foods and exercise allows us to stay young and healthy naturally, without the need to consume harmful drugs and supplements. A lot of women opt for Botox and other cosmetic treatments in order to stay young. However, the same results can be achieved by modifying your lifestyle and improving eating habits.

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Here are some simple yet brilliant ideas to stay young and healthy even in your 40’s.

1.     Work out regularly

Exercise should be an essential part of one’s daily routine. Exercising not only provides health benefits, it also keeps the body active as you age. As we get old, our body tires easily and we tend to keep physical activity at its minimal. This leads to laziness and fat accumulation, which can lead to several health-related challenges in the later years of life.

Green tea helps burn fat and, hence, it improves physical performance while training. Green tea consumption prevents cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol levels. And we all know that a healthy heart leads to a longer life.

2.     Increase your anti-oxidant consumption

Free radicals in the body cause cell damage andleadto aging. Anti-oxidants counteract the cell damage caused by these free radicals. The more anti-oxidants the body consumes, the slower will be the aging process. Many fruits and vegetables have high content of antioxidants in them. These should be included in your daily diet.

Another simple and easy way to increase antioxidant consumption is through herbal green tea. The anti-oxidant properties of green tea slow down aging and also protect fromcancer and other diseases.

3.     Follow a proper sleeping cycle

As you grow old, your body needs proper sleep. Lack of sleep instantly steals the glow from the face and makes one look tired and old. Red puffy eyes and dark circles are caused when the body is not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation immediately affects your overall look and impacts your health negatively in the long run.

This, however, can be counteracted by following a proper bedtime routine. A sleep schedule will help the body regain strength and vitality. You will feel fresh and energetic after a good night’s sleep.

Turmeric tea is famous for insomnia treatment. It is regarded as a sleep inducer and hence is commonly used by people who have difficulty falling asleep. A flavonoid, known as Chrysin is responsible for its sleep-inducing properties.

4.     Stay hydrated

Water intake is essential for the body. Reduced water consumption leads to dehydration and a number of health problems. Lack of water causes the skin to sag and wilt, which makes you look older than your years.

The skin loses moisture, dries up and therefore, wrinkles get more visible. Less intake of water dries up organs and leads to liver and kidney problems. Water consumption helps the body and its organs to flush out toxins, hence, improving overall health. It also leads to a clearer, glowing skin.

5.     Do yoga

Yoga is a famous form of workout for those who cannot follow a strenuous exercise routine. It gives the body better posture, flexibility and more energy. Yoga breathing has anti-aging benefits. It prevents several illnesses and gives the skin a radiance.

Yoga is a great stress buster and relaxes both the body and the mind. As you grow older, the stress levels increase due to added responsibilities. And with age comes a greater need to keep the body calm and relaxed.

Herbal green tea helps the body relax and reduce stress and anxiety. Green tea containsl-theaninewhich helps the bodyrelax and let go ofanxiety. A cup of green tea before yoga will boost up the benefits of both yoga and green tea.

6.     Strengthen your immune system

The immunesystem is responsible for protecting the body against infections and diseases. A strong immune system makes you less prone to catching viral and bacterial infections. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of herbal teas naturally strengthens the immune system.

7.     Pamper your skin

The condition of your skin plays the most important role in how you look and feel. Hence, it is important to internally as well as externally take care of your skin. It should be cleaned and moisturized regularly in order to maintain its glow and texture. Make use of natural face masks that suit your skin type and exfoliate regularly. It is important to have a skincare routine that is followed religiously so that you can look young even in your 40s.


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