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Safety is one of the factors that everyone wants to include in their home. People often choose a certain place or neighborhood to live in because they feel safe there. Therefore, it is a top priority for everyone to make their house the safest place to live in possible.

One of the ways a person can make their home safer is by being prepared for any issues that may arise. Having a first aid kit in the home ensures that a person will have all the necessary equipment that they need to deal with an emergency. Here are seven items every home’s first aid kit should have.

A CPR mask

CPR is a skill that everyone should keep up with in case of an emergency. It is a good idea to not only have the training, but to also carry a lifesaving CPR keychain mask around the home and on the go. This can be the difference between life and death for someone.

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Cuts and scrapes are an all too common part of raising kids. Many parents will find themselves using bandages every single day for their children. Stock up with a variety of sizes and options to be prepared for every injury they might sustain.

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Antibiotic ointment

Infection is one of the most common causes of hospital visits for common injuries that could have been easily treated at home. It is simple to prevent infection right away with antibiotic ointment. Also, remember to replace it before the expiration date to always have ointment that will be effective.

Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes

Another way to prevent the spread of germs and avoid damaging infections is to use hand sanitizer. Having hand sanitizer around the home for everyday use is a good idea, but it is essential to have hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes in the first aid kit to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

Ice packs

Bumps and bruises can happen to anyone when they least expect it. No one should have to sit in pain for hours or endure a painful bruise for weeks if they can prevent it. Have some ice packs ready for these occasions.


Splinters and other imbedded materials can cause a lot of issues for a person very quickly, including not only pain, but infection and disease as well. Tweezers are the best tool for removing these small items in the safest way possible. Tweezers should also be cleaned and sterilized after every single use to maintain their safety.

Emergency information

Some accidents will require more than a person can keep in their home emergency kit. In these cases, a family should be prepared with the emergency information that they might need to get the extra help required. This can include the family’s medical information, phone numbers for poison control and other help lines and directions to the closest hospital. This extra information can save a lot of time for a person who needs immediate help.


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