Finding new ways to keep motivation to workout is a daily struggle for many of us. If you want to build lean muscle and trim your fat you are probably aware that you need to make the right decisions on a daily basis.

Sometimes finding ways to maintain your motivation to workout can be lost in the shuffle of our daily lives. Listed below are eight things that you can do to keep your motivation to workout, build lean muscle, and trim your fat.

  1. Take a before and after picture. Whether your goals are to trim your fat, build lean muscle, or both take a picture of yourself now. You are probably not going to notice a change in yourself by looking in the mirror every day, but you will over time. Think about the tree in your front yard. You may not see it grow every day, but over the course of a few months or years, you can see a difference. Your body is the same way. Plus, an unflattering picture of yourself may serve as extra motivation to workout and trim your fat.
  2. Reward yourself. No, not with food. Reward yourself after a good workout or a good week of workouts with a movie, book, or bath. These little rewards can serve as huge motivation to workout and stay disciplined.
  3. Schedule your workouts. You are rarely going to "feel the urge" to workout. Schedule workout times into your planner to keep the motivation. You have to make the time to workout and stick to it or else you may end up cheating yourself.
  4. Do not wait until late at night. Workout when you have the most energy – early in the morning or in the afternoon – rather than at night. A long day at work or watching the kids may leave you tired, stressed, and lacking motivation at the end of the day. Plus, a workout early in the day actually helps get your body going to trim your fat and build muscle throughout the day.
  5. Buy clothes. Buy a piece of clothing that is just a little too small or that accents a muscle group you are working out. The motivation to workout and trim your fat may surprise you if you are trying to fit into a pair of jeans that are just a little too snug right now.
  6. Track weight, body fat, and water percentage. Especially for those just starting their workouts, weight can be deceptive and a daily look at the scale may be the biggest source of losing motivation. Muscle weighs more than fat so while you may be trimming your fat, you also are building lean muscle. Buy a scale that measures weight but also body fat and water percentage. You WILL see weight changes over time, but seeing daily results in your body fat and water percentage that you can measure will help keep motivation.
  7. Make long and short term goals. The Biggest Loser on NBC has become a hit TV phenomenon. Think about all of the amazing weight loss stories on that show. The contestants lose a hundred or more pounds over months of workouts and eating right. But they also keep motivation by competing in their weekly weigh ins and elimination. To keep your eye on the larger goal, you have to focus on a series of smaller goals.
  8. Be positive! You will always (repeat, always) find something "wrong" with your body if you are looking for it. Workouts are about looking good AND feeling good. Know that you are doing something positive for yourself and be positive with yourself. Beat your body up during your workouts, but don’t beat yourself up after them!

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