How many times have your mother, grandmother, teachers or even cereal advertisements told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well, the truth is they are all absolutely correct, breakfast is more important to you than any other meal you will consume at any time during the day. This is true whether you are starting a fat burning diet plan or focusing for an important meeting or just need energy to study.

Have you ever really thought about the time between meals? Consider this if you ate your last meal by no later than nine pm and then do not eat again until lunch you have gone without fuel for the body for nearly 16 hours! No wonder you have trouble concentrating! When you partake of breakfast, you will have energy and focus you need to get the day started right.

Food in the morning keeps your synapses firing. The nervous system and the brain need a constant supply of glucose for proper function. Without breakfast your memory, analytical ability and cognition may not function normally.

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Do you binge eat? Chances are excellent that you do not eat breakfast on a regular basis. Skipping this important meal leaves you very hungry by the time lunch rolls around. Now not only will you probably eat too much you are more likely to make unhealthy food choices as well. These fast or convenient foods are a main contributor to weight gain. When you eat a healthy breakfast, you are also less inclined to eat during stressful periods.

Breakfast is possibly your best weight loss aid. The first thing some people do when they go on a quick weight loss diet is begin to skip breakfast, and you might think this is a smart idea since you are eating fewer calories you should lose weight. The body frankly does not work that way; in fact, it will begin to store fat even more efficiently to protect life. This is called starvation mode and is the body’s process of slowing the metabolism so that excess calories are only used when necessary.

Therefore skipping breakfast can actually make you gain weight, even if you are limiting calories. Your slower metabolism will burn few calories leading to excess weight to go with that which is already stored. When you want to burn fat fast you need to jump start your metabolism every day with a healthy breakfast.

What kinds of food should you eat for breakfast while on a diet? For starters, breakfast foods should be something you like. This does not mean anything goes however, you may like cream filled donuts, bacon, eggs and coffee but that does not mean they are the best choice for weight loss. Try one of the following instead:

Cereal: Cold or hot varieties of whole grain cereal are a great start to any day. Inside they are full of vitamins and nutrients that will keep you focused and satisfied until lunch. Do not even look at the overly sugared kid variety cereals currently on the market. When you want a powerhouse breakfast, choose unsweetened cereals and then add your own sweetener in the form of honey or fruit.

Eggs: For the longest time people were warned against eating this super nutrient rich food, thankfully that has changed. As long as you use a little wisdom in preparation, say poached or boiled they are very heart healthy. Add a couple of slices of whole grain toast and you will be satisfied until lunch.

Yogurt: One serving of yogurt contains many healthy nutrients including calcium. Add a healthy bagel or some whole grain toast and you have a nutrient rich satisfying breakfast.

Let your imagination be your guide when it comes to choosing breakfast food you like, it does not have to be the traditional fare most people eat. Look for food you enjoy that still conforms to a healthy fat burning diet, including those low in animal fat and refined sugar. If breakfast is just another chore you have to get through you are much less likely to stick to it, so go with stuff you enjoy eating but that is healthy.

Tired of wasting your money in diets that doesn’t work? We have for you a lot of articles and reviews of the best fat burning diets to lose weight permanently. You can also watch my videos about fat burning secrets to lose weight quickly.

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