What you do in the morning can influence your entire day in so many ways. It makes sense to get the day off to a healthy start so you will feel your best. Here are four improvements you can make right away.

Take a Few Moments to Set a Positive Mood

Your mental outlook towards the day makes a difference. You might have experienced days where you awoke refreshed but then your mood soured when negative thoughts began to creep in. While it is normal to have concerns and experience some stress, this doesn’t mean you have to allow negative thoughts to rule your day. Try taking a few moments every morning to relax, breathe and think of things you are grateful for or anything else that lifts your mood. Some people benefit from reading or listening to inspiring words from a favorite author or spiritual advisor. Uplifting music can also have a distinct effect on mood.

Enjoy a Healthier Breakfast

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Many people grab a piece of toast or a donut while others skip breakfast completely. If you want to be at your best all day long, don’t skip breakfast and don’t reach for simple carbohydrates. Studies have shown that people who eat a high-protein breakfast had fewer cravings later on in the day. Fuel your body with healthy proteins in the morning and avoid bombarding it with sugary cereals, toast or bagels alone.

Attend to Proper Dental Care

Oral hygiene has more benefits than giving you a beautiful smile and fresh breath. Proper dental care helps prevent periodontitis and tooth decay while poor care might lead to serious health problems in other areas of the body. These include endocarditis and cardiovascular disease.

Before you leave your home, make sure you floss and brush. Remember to use a soft-bristled brush and use thecorrect brushing method, and don’t skip brushing your tongue. For flossing, dentists recommend using about 18 inches of floss to have enough clean floss for each tooth. Remember to floss gently and rinse when finished to flush away the debris and plaque loosened by flossing.

Simple Movements for Health

After hours of immobility in bed, the body benefits from gentle stretches and movements that get the circulation moving through the whole body. Yoga, Tai Chi and similar exercise forms fit this purpose perfectly, but any gentle stretching or even a brief walk around the yard will help. You will feel revitalized and ready to begin your day.

On mornings when you are pressed for time, it can be tempting to skip some of these steps. Avoid skipping anything. Instead, keep to task by shortening the duration of your morning movement routine and keep protein bars and protein smoothies on hand to grab for breakfast on the go. Keep your health a priority and your body will thank you. 

Author Bio

Marlena Stoddard is a freelance writer who received her BA from the University of Georgia. She currently lives with her husband, two kids, and puppy Molly Belle.

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