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Women go through a myriad of changes during pregnancy. Strange and overwhelming cravings is one of the most common of those changes. Some of the most typical cravings that women have during their cravings for sweets, pickles, junk foods, carbs and greens. Pregnant women cannot indulge on whatever they want all the time, however. They have to be careful what they eat to avoid developing gestational diabetes among other issues. The following are some alternative foods that can help such women to satisfy cravings in a healthy manner:

Strawberries and Low-Fat Whip Cream

Strawberries and low-fat whip cream are wonderful items to put on top of a piece of shortcake to create a perfectly healthy pregnancy snack. All items have low calories, and strawberries provide a source of blood pressure regulation and brain function enhancement. This is definitely a quick and easy way to have a healthy snack.

Nuts and Trail Mixes

Nuts and trail mixes are healthy, and they can provide a full feeling within only a few minutes. Nuts and trail mixes contain healthy items such as peanut, almost, cashews and the like. Some of them even have dried cranberries in the mix.

7 Healthy Diet Tips For Pregnant Women


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Smoothies With Peanut Butter

A smoothie is the perfect meal replacement for a pregnant woman because it is versatile and can contain any mixture of elements. Peanut butter is a great element to add to it because of its addicting gritty taste and the health benefits that one gets from it such as decreased change of high blood pressure and an increased ability to fight fungal infections.

Organic Breads

Organic breads are also tasty and healthy. They are perfect for when a woman has a craving for toast or just bread with butter. Expecting mothers can keep some loaves of bread in the pantry in case of bread craving emergencies.

Dried Fruit Chips

Manufacturers release a vast assortment of dried fruit chips such as bananas, strawberries, apples, pineapples, honeydew and more. These can provide the craving pregnant women for a crunch without causing her to eat fattening or unhealthy junk foods. Having something to crunch on often diffuses the strong craving for potato chips and cookies.

As you can see, many alternatives are available. You can select any one of these tips and implement it into your daily routine, or you can select several. They are all definitely worth a try if you are pregnant. Your pregnancy should go smoothly as long as you are doing your best and taking care of yourself.

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