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While you might dedicate hours in the gym trying to achieve the weight loss and muscle building goals you’re after, what you likely fail to realize is that by taking five minutes to get into correct posture position, you can instantly make yourself look significantly better.

When we are not using a correct posture position, our stomachs stick out, our back rounds, and we look much less confident. Since confidence is actually one of the key ingredients in coming across as attractive to other people, when you can increase this, you can really enhance your image.

That said, you can obtain correct posture in mere seconds if you follow these quick and easy steps.

Do not underestimate the effect these changes will make in how you look to others.

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Correct Posture Step #1

Get that head up! The very first step you need to take to achieve correct posture is simply lifting that head up.

You don’t need to walk around with your nose in the air, but even elevating your gaze slightly can have a huge impact on your overall stance.

Ideally, you want to be looking just higher than ninety degrees.

So, rather than just looking straight forward, look slightly up when walking. Not only will this give you a sense of confidence, but it will also put the back in a better alignment.

Correct Posture Step #2

The next step you need to take is thinking of opening up the chest, allowing the shoulder blades to move back.

This is possibly the most important step to take, as it’s the one that will make the greatest difference out of them all.

When you open the chest like this, you’ll automatically lengthen the body, plus you’ll increase air circulation throughout the body, helping to fight off fatigue as well.

In order to correct posture optimally, this really is a must.

Correct Posture Step #3

The third thing you should start doing to get correct posture is focus on bringing the hips up. If you have a bad sway in your back, this will place excess stress on the back vertebrae, potentially causing a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Plus, due to this type of back alignment, you’ll put yourself at a higher risk for injuries related to spinal compression, making it extremely important that you look after this factor.

Correct Posture Step #4

Finally, the last step you need to take to ensure you are using correct posture is watching your center of balance. Some people tend to walk a lot more with their center of balance near the top portion of their feet, towards their toes, while others tend to lean backwards slightly in the direction of the heels.

While this may not affect you over the short-term, a long term stance like this can cause the body to overcompensate and lead to pain down the road.

So, you really want to be sure you’re making a conscious effort to focus your balance right in the middle of the body – ever so slightly forwards.

By doing this you will protect yourself into the future.

So, take a couple of moments to follow these steps to correct your posture. It will make you look better and feel a lot better as well.


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