Yoga’s popularity has exploded in the last few years. As it has grown extremely popular for various end results like achieving calmness, weight loss (check out this Yoga program), and even fitness, Yoga is an ancient art that highlights and targets the key processes and journey of achieving a little more stillness and calmness in your life.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or already in a ‘work-in-progress process’ of cultivating a quiet steady mind, yoga WILL help you.

Yoga is an art of leaving your mind behind and then, drawing back to reality with a rejuvenated, uncluttered mind, emptied of all its worries and fears. The ultimate craft that originated thousands of years ago in the hold lands of India, it is a craft you need to practice, mold, and sculpt for yourself to truly possess and own a stronger, better, practiced mind (and body!) for the rest of your lives.

Yoga begins with practice.

Every single new day, when you open your eyes it is a start of a new journey, and that is why it is called apractice.

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It needs to be repeated over and over again. Slowly, but surely and steadily, it grows to become more practiced, but nevertheless, you still have to continue your daily routine to set aside quality time to go through this process again.

The upside of it is, you will grow to love Yoga more and more, as it becomes easier, as your mind becomes more practiced along with deliberate intent and decision to make the shift.

An unpractised mind is one that thinks on default, careless, drifting, often weighed down with all sorts of struggles and pains, rushing you into feelings of fear, anger, unworthiness and loss. In other words, the opposite of mindfulmindless.

Yoga basics say that a mindless thought gives no meaning and purpose to life. You observe your surroundings, and you react to it without thinking twice.

It instantly triggers off negative emotions that manifests in ways you couldn’t even imagine in other aspects of your life, especially towards your health, and the impact on the people around you, day in and out.

Quieting the mind is a craft that requires consistent focus and attention to master. It is not simple at first, but when deconstructed, comes easily, once your mind is trained in Yoga.

For the restless and largely distracted individuals, it may be one of the biggest challenges for you to take the leap and make the decision to take control of your mind.

Most people sweep it under the rug, or choose to remain in denial that it is not directly affecting others around them in a massive way.

Yet the biggest return and investment to make this decision is that, it will allow you to finally have power over your life conditions and situations once and for all.

One that will serve you well and reward you back in ways you will come to fall in love, creating your “personalized” quiet meditation.

What is the best feeling in the world, other than having a mind that is clear and body that is pain free?

Mind and body connection is the key.

This is already being proven by new research every day. When you learn to control your own mind, you get to fine tune your physical body conditions as well.

It is ultimately connected hand-in-hand as all our sensations in our body is connected to the brain. The good and the bad. So you have to take your pick carefully and selectively. Every pain, every memory of joy and exhilaration, not only does our mind remembers, our body does too.

Each time you repeat something that gave you pain or pleasure, your body and mind react the same way it did the very first time, over and over again. Your brain is always trying to avoid pain.

That is why it is so crucial to eliminate circumstances that caused you pain, because as long as you keep thinking the same thought over and over again, it will naturally tie in closely with your body, to manifest in another form of physical pain in different areas of your body as a direct reflection of your negative thoughts.

Your body is such an intelligent machine and system that is constantly working so hard for you each and every minute of the day and we all take it for granted, starved it, and left it depraved in every unimaginable way.

It was poorly mistreated with substances or poor lifestyle choices at some point in our lives when we were young and misguided.

At the end of the day, Yoga is all about achieving balance and harmony between your mind and body. Most of us would think that this physical body was given a mind of its own.

In fact, this very unique and one-of-a-kind mind was attached and “assigned” a body to serve out its full purpose in our lifetime.

A body is instrumentally the same. But a mind, that magnificent mind, knows no boundaries and no limits, if you were to treat it well and listen to it, you’ll be able to create worlds and stretch that to its fullest potential.

A mind that can create from scratch is one that is untouched with traditions and beliefs passed on by generations of laws and rules and even myths and old wives tales you so often hear.

To break free from all of that, one must learn to press the reset button. That is the start of giving it a whole new life and opportunity to think for itself.

There is only one goal to achieve in here at the end of the day, and that is, to fully understand the importance of having a mind of your own.

After which, you will naturally have the desire to find ways to make sure of that.

With a determined mind set out to reboot your system from all your old habits and beliefs, you will gravitate toward the things you love most, and use it to your fullest advantage and also as a useful tool to rewire your brain and mind-set.

Remember, you’re actively participating in your well-being and health and each time you choose to engage in mindfulness, it is with full intent to attempt to love yourself.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to acknowledge yourself for making the effort to take time out of the daily hustle for your own health, self-development, growth and never-ending learning curve.

This is how Yoga can help you achieve so many things in your life; weight loss, fitness and stillness of the mind.

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