If you are looking for quality foods to add to your diet for maximum benefits, honey is definitely a great addition. We’re only just beginning to understand all the benefits honey can offer, although honey has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years.


You can start adding honey to your diet in many ways. Add honey to your tea, use it to sweeten your cereal, or look up great recipes online that use honey in them. Honey is a tasty, sweet treat and the great health benefits only make it sweeter.

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Benefit #1 – Aids in Weight Loss

One of the great benefits that you can enjoy when you add honey to your diet is weight loss. Honey can help with weight loss when it is used as a way to replace other types of sweeteners. Instead of adding sugar to drinks or cereals, you can add honey instead. Just remember that it should be used sparingly, since just a tablespoon contains about 63 calories.

Benefit #2 – Boosts the Immune System

Another of the health benefits that honey can offer when you add it to your diet is boosting the immune system. Honey offers both anti bacterial and antioxidant properties. Both can help to give your immune system a boost, helping to keep you from getting illnesses, like the common cold, the flu, and more.

Benefit #3 – Anti Bacterial Treatment

You’ll also find that honey can be used as an anti bacterial treatment. Not only can you consumer honey as a part of your diet, but it can be used to treat scrapes, burns, and even cuts because it is a great topical anti bacterial treatment. Studies that have been done show that applying honey to wounds can help to keep an infection from occurring.

Benefit #4 – Boost Your Energy

The boost of energy that honey can offer is yet another great health benefit of using honey. When you add it to your diet, it can give you a nice energy boost and it’s much healthier than sugar or sugar substitutes that are available today. According to studies done on honey, even diabetics can eat honey, as long as they monitor blood sugar closely and only eat it in limited amounts.

Benefit #5 – Aids in Digestion

For centuries, honey has been used to aid in digestion. It is a very popular home remedy for treating various digestive problems, including ulcers, constipation, nausea, and more.
To use as an aid for digestion, it is recommended to add some honey and lemon to some tea. Drink the tea with honey to provide relief for various digestive problems.

These are just a few of the great benefits you can enjoy when you add honey to your diet. Other great benefits include relieving colds, working as an anti inflammatory agent, and soothing skin. Why not start adding honey to recipes or to your tea and enjoy all the great health benefits it has to offer.

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