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Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis, but both of these conditions can be easily prevented. While prevalent, they are painful and can cause the victim much discomfort. The main causes of heel pain are detailed below, along with remedies and tips on how to improve the situation for healthier feet as far as it is well known.


1. Advice on Foot Health

Foot problems are all too common, and often those who are overweight are the most susceptible to them. Heel issues are no different, and though they are not easily resolved, there are steps that can be taken to prevent their incidence.

Walking and running may be difficult while heel pain is prevalent, so other forms of exercise such as yoga and swimming should be favored by those who experience symptoms of heel pain, whether as the result of plantar fasciitis or otherwise.

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Some of the best ways to prevent heel pain involve lifestyle changes to prevent plantar fasciitis but bear in mind that there are other causes of painful heels. These can involve heel spurs and Sever’s diseases and should be treated with severity. Therefore, the best way to diagnose and treat heel pain is by consulting with a medical professional to ensure that you don’t have a serious condition that could cause lifelong pain.

– Weight

High body weight is a leading cause of plantar fasciitis, as it places more pressure on all components of the foot. The fat pad is unable to protect the plantar fascia when the body weight is high, as too much weight is placed upon it. Straining the foot in this way inevitably leads to heel pain, as the plantar fascia ends up taking on the stress of body weight. Heel pain can be difficult to deal with when you are overweight, but taking steps to improve your lifestyle will help your heal pain more than anything else.

To prevent the pain caused by being overweight, losing weight is the only long term solution. By losing weight and making important lifestyle changes, your overall health will improve along with relief of the heel pain. To lose weight while minimizing heel pain, low-impact activities such as swimming or walking on the flat are best.

These can also help to elongate the muscles around the heel and absorb some of the pain, as well as ensuring that you are using the muscles correctly. Changing to a healthy diet and undertaking daily exercise will help to lose weight and ultimately improve heel health.

– Walking Style and Foot Plant

The abnormal walking style is one of the more common causes of heel pain. If you have walked with a limp for a long period of time as a result of a previous injury, the impact on your foot can be lasting. The abnormal walking style created by previous injuries will only aggravate the plantar fascia, causing intense pain around the heel area of the foot. Walking with uneven foot plant can also have a negative effect on the heel, and any recent change in walking style (such as wearing high heels more frequently) can cause pain.

The best way to help with your walking style and foot plant is to wear a supportive.
If you wear shoes that are supportive, this can improve your footprint and prevent the painthat results from the poor walking style.

– Not Stretching

Without stretching your muscles, the strain is placed upon the plantar fascia. This strain is caused by high-impact exercise such as running or playing sports such as tennis. Without performing the appropriate calf and ankle stretches after exercising, the heel will become sore due to the pressure placed on these other muscles.Stretching will also allow you to improve your walking and running style, which is important in order to ensure excess pressure is not being placed in the heel.

Relieving heel pain from exercise requires proper stretching of the muscles. If you ask either your physiotherapist or a personal trainer for stretches that will help this area of the body, it will not be difficult to relieve the pain you experience. Warming down after exercise is another important way to prevent pain in muscles and tendons, as is ensuring that you keep the levels of nutrients in your diet high.

Good diet habits with many vitamins and minerals will help to prevent cramps and other pains that arise from the body, including in the heel. Good exercise practices including stretching and nutrition will all help to ensure that your heels do not suffer.

2. How to Prevent Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Preventing heel pain largely comes down to ensuring that you lead a healthy lifestyle and warm up and down during exercise. Keeping at a healthy weight and ensuring that there are plenty of nutrients in your diet will contribute to healthy heels and remove the strain from your plantar fascia. Heel pain can impede walking other forms of movement, so it is critical that you maintain a lifestyle which removes pressure from your heels.

3. Conclusion

The unpleasant experience of plantar fasciitis, or the ligament of the foot becoming overstretched, is largely preventable by following the above instructions. Other causes of heel pain may not be so easily resolved, but the above tips are good general advice to support most muscle injuries in the leg or foot.

Ensuring your shoes are suitable, well-fitted and comfortable will also help to maintain healthy heels and moves the pressure to other parts of the foot. Whether the cause of your heel pain is ongoing or entirely removable, hopefully, the above tips can help you to improve your lifestyle as well as resolve your pain. Heel pain is a complicated issue that has a range of treatments, but those listed above will provide gradually effective help and support as they are implemented into your life.

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