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Spring has officially arrived, and the idea of enjoying the fresh air and beautiful blooms can be a pleasure — unless you’re an allergy sufferer. Trust me, I am right there with you! As a chronic allergy sufferer, the smell and sight of flowers, cut grass and blowing pollen is enough to keep me inside during the gorgeous weather.

Several of my interior design clients have similar health challenges, and I realized that bringing spring inspiration into your home can still feel like a breath of fresh air, without literally having to breathe it all in. Take a look at these creative ways to use decorative elements to refresh your interiors this season.

Prep your bedroom for warmer weather.

One of the easiest ways to usher in the season is to swap out your heavy cold-weather bedding for more seasonal options. Pack away those thick blankets and flannel sheets and pull out your lighter and brighter bedding. Choose your favorite colors that remind you of bright-colored roses and peonies in bloom, or go for richly hued tropical prints like the image above.

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An Allergy Sufferer's Guide to Spring Home Makeovers 1
Garden-inspired bedding and textiles welcome warmer weather to your bedroom. Image via Look Photography – Getty Images

Spread the spring textiles throughout your home.
Don’t stop with updating your bedroom! Take down those heavy draperies and insulated curtains and let the light in with sheer, gauzy panels. I also like to tell my clients to get a basket and fill it with their favorite colored throw blankets. Whether you love subtle pastel hues or deeper colors, these spring blankets look great thrown over your favorite lounge chair or across the corner of your bed. Update your throw pillows with fun fabrics in punchy patterns.

An Allergy Sufferer's Guide to Spring Home Makeovers 2
Natural artwork and artificial flowers can bring your spring interiors to life. Image via Chris Gramly – Getty Images

Organic artwork can make your interiors come alive.
Who says your walls have to stay the same from season to season? Give your interiors a jolt of color by updating your wall decor. Photographs, watercolors, and prints depicting seascapes, flower fields, and bright landscapes can bring the outdoors in. Add texture with glass prints for your desk and petrified wood sculptures for your wall.

Don’t rule out plant life.

If you still love fresh blooms, there are a variety of allergy-friendly flowers out there that you can use in your décor; this WebMD article lists a few such as tulips, zinnias, begonias, and snapdragons. As a bonus, some houseplants are known to keep the surrounding air clean — something we all could use.

For people who love faux flowers or who have small children or pets that disturb houseplants,  artificial arrangements, which are now more lifelike than ever can be used. When paired with decorative floral-printed pillows and spring artwork, you won’t even miss the “real” flowers!

Ronique Gibson, author of the ebook “111 Simple Tips for Your Everyday Home,” writes on home lifestyle and health topics for Shutterfly.com. Many of the ideas in Ronique’s article were inspired by the home décor items found on the Shutterfly website.

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