Anti Aging Foods

Many superfoods are not just for your internal health, they can also help you stay healthier and more beautiful on the outside. It’s well known that what you eat has a direct impact on how you look. The right diet will help you not just feel great but look great as well. Most of the foods on this list have multiple benefits, they are great source of many vitamins and nutrients and can be beneficial for your skin, vision and hair. So remember to eat these superfoods if you want to stay looking young and beautiful

1. Cold-water oily fish. Sardines, tuna and salmon have omega-3s, and the fats in these fish preserve collagen, which is a fibrous protein in our skin that keeps it firm. It also has qualities that reduce inflammatory compounds that promote the growth of tumors. Try to eat a meal of this kind of fish at least twice each week.

2. Foods which have lycopene. People with higher concentrations of lycopene have smoother skin. Tomatoes are some of the best providers of this, as that is where they get their red color from. Other sources are carrots, pink grapefruit, red peppers, watermelon and guava.

3. Cocoa. We were always told that you got acne from chocolate. Not only do studies say there is no connection between skin blemishes and chocolate, some types of chocolate may even prove to be beneficial to the skin. It contains a type of flavonoid called epicatechin, and if taken daily for a twelve week period was found to improve skin texture. This is caused by increasing the blood flow though the skin and providing additional oxygen and nutrients, which leads to more vibrant skin.

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4. Soy products. This would include tofu, edamame and soy milk, and it’s because it is rich in isoflavones. Researchers believe it has something that prevents collagen in our skin from breaking down, similar to omega-3s.

5. Coffee. This may be another surprising one, but a single cup of coffee may lower your risk of skin cancer. Decaf did not seem to offer the same protection. Read more in our article on the health benefits of coffee.

6. Vitamin C. There are many vitamin C foods, and vitamin C has tested to help ward off wrinkles and age-related dryness. A cup of strawberries gives more than the daily recommended requirement of this essential vitamin.

7. Beta-carotene. This combats dryness and helps cells to regenerate, and this results in better looking skin. Add olive oil to your beta-carotene rich foods for an even more effective combination. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source, along with carrots, spinach and squash.

Foods that make us look younger should be very popular with practically everyone, but there are sound reasons why they can help. Read more about healthy foods and exercise on our website, and another type of food that rarely goes mentioned is water. Click here for how it can help you. Rich Carroll is a writer and health enthusiast living in London.

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