Stress can turn a bad day into something entirely worse. Problems can pile one on top of another and before you know it, you’ve bought a one way ticket to crashing down. Good thing that people have come up with some anti stress activities that can keep you going without going downhill.

Of course, practicing stress relief techniques is always easier said than done. The bottom line is that you will need to be the master of both your body and your mind.

• If things are getting on your nerves, take a walk!
One of the best anti stress activities is the cliché “take a hike” technique, but to maximize the benefits of it then you can try this:

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1. Take a deep breath in for the first four steps, and then breathe out after another four steps.
2. Keep doing this activity over and over while walking to calm your nerves and then accelerate the number of steps (up to about eight steps each).

• If you need a breather, take a seat!
To relax yourself in the midst of a hectic day, go to the most tranquil area of wherever you may be and squat on the ground. Sit as comfortably as you can but make sure that your back is straight. During this position, try this stress relief breathing exercise:

1. Take a deep breath in through your nostrils. Do this within a span of three seconds, with a watch as your guide.
2. Breathe out slowly for another three seconds through your mouth, kind of like blowing out a candle.
3. Keep repeating this exercise until you feel more relaxed.
It helps if you have your own “Happy Place” while doing this activity, such as picturing out a peaceful beach or mountainside scene in your mind.

• If you’re feeling really edgy… Give it a stretch!
Some more anti stress activities that can help you kick that stress to the curb. These stress relief activities can be done anywhere from a cramped up office cubicle to a spacious park bench.

1. While sitting, bend your arms to the side, breathe out and rotate your torso to the right.
2. Breathe in as you go back to the middle and rotate to the left.
3. Repeat for about five breaths.

Curl and Stretch
1. Take a seat with your back straight, and position your feet flat against the ground.
2. Breathe out as you position your back into a crouch.
3. Breathe in as you stretch your back to face the ceiling.
4. Repeat for about five breaths.

End to End
1. While sitting on a chair, breathe in and stretch your arms upward.
2. Move your vertically aligned arms to the right as you breathe out.
3. Breathe in as you reposition again to the middle.
4. Breathe out as you stretch to the other side.
5. Keep repeating for about six times.

Anti-stress activities are easy to do and won’t eat up much of your time. You’ll be able to perform much better if your take a bit of time off within the day to relax, walk, sit down, and stretch!



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