Antioxidants and your health

Antioxidants are more widely discussed as a health trend than ever before, thanks to the wealth of research that has been done over the years to discover what makes antioxidants so good for you. The truth is, antioxidants can improve multiple aspects of your physical and mental health, and most of us need the extra antioxidants found in foods and supplements. But what exactly are the benefits? Let's look at some of the biggest benefits of consuming antioxidants.

1. Antioxidants Eliminate Free Radicals

One of the biggest benefits of antioxidants is that they effectively neutralize free radicals that get into your body. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to various parts of the body once they enter and begin to interact with different molecules. This leads to an array of ailments. Since the human body cannot produce enough antioxidants on its own to fight against free radicals, it is important that you get additional antioxidants from food or supplements. Not only do they help with weight control, but they prevent further health problems from developing!

2. Antioxidants Help the Skin

Ever look in the mirror and shudder when you see a new line develop? Antioxidants can't stop the aging process, but they can slow it down. They can also help fight against the development of skin cancer, sunburns, and other skin-damaging illnesses. Photo-oxidative damage from ultraviolet light exposure can contribute to these conditions, but astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant) is able to combat this type of damage. In addition to protecting your skin, astaxanthin works to help your joints and reduce fatigue.

3. Antioxidants Boost the Immune System

Many individuals are struggling to maintain strong immune systems. Those with autoimmune disorders have bodies that are under severe oxidative stress. Ask anyone with Sjogren’s Syndrome, and they'll tell you just how dried out their bodies are and how much they struggle to feel healthy. Singlet oxygen also catalyzes the production of free radicals in the body, so getting additional antioxidants (especially astaxanthin and spirulina) not only boosts the immune system but keeps cell membranes protected. They also prevent cellular DNA from undergoing mutation.

4. Antioxidants Reduce Oxidative Stress in the Eyes

Those with chronic illnesses often experience symptoms that impact the eyes in various ways. To keep with the Sjogren's Syndrome reference, those with Sjogren's experience extremely dry eyes. Artificial tears simply do not alleviate the pain, redness, and inflammation. Even if you are using stronger formulas like Restasis or Xiidra, eye dryness can persist and even require that you get plugs put into your tear ducts to prevent them from draining. One of the things that are recommended for helping to naturally treat dry eyes at home is getting plenty of antioxidants from food and supplements.

The eyes can come under a lot of oxidative stress when the immune system is not up to par. Research has found that carotenoids (especially beta carotene) can work to reduce oxidative stress on the eyes. Additionally, spirulina and astaxanthin do a great deal to support eye health. Spirulina alone contains ten times more beta carotene and vitamin A than carrots and is dense in protein as well.

5. Antioxidants Elevate Your Mood

Scientific studies have discovered that antioxidants work to boost your mood. In stress-induced psychiatric disorders like depression and generalized anxiety, oxidative stress within the body is greater than it is in those who do not present with anxiety or depression. Adding extra antioxidants to your daily intake can greatly reduce the anxious and/or depressive symptoms perpetuated by damage from oxidative stress.

Adding more antioxidant-rich foods and supplements to your diet can greatly benefit many aspects of your health. Your body requires sufficient antioxidants to be able to properly and efficiently function. The next time you are in the grocery store, why not pick up some spirulina, carrots, or antioxidant supplements? Your body will thank you for it.

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband. Dixie recommends looking into supplements like Xyngular if you’re looking for an antioxidant boost.

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