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Arthritis is a medical condition that causes inflammation in the joints of the body, causing pain, swelling and immobility in the affected joint. It is a progressive disease that becomes worse over time and requires careful treatment to prevent disability from the condition. Most people think of arthritis as a disease of aging, but there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and some of these types affect children and young people.

Understanding Arthritis

Chronic inflammation is the factor in arthritis that causes long-term damage to joints. The inflammation often causes damage to ligaments and tendons that support the joints, and ultimately deteriorate the bones themselves. Commonly, individuals begin experiencing discomfort on movement. They may forego exercise and normal activities, which may lead to weight gain, which puts additional pressure on joints. Muscles and ligaments become weaker, and the entire joint becomes unstable, causing wear on cartilage and bone. Without treatment, the disease progresses until the individual cannot use the joint normally.

When Arthritis Affects The Young

Common types of arthritis that affect individuals under the age of 18 include juvenile arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of the immune system, in which the chemical signaling of the body becomes disrupted and the immune system begins to attack itself. Juvenile arthritis is also an autoimmune disease in which the body begins to attack itself. It can affect children as young as two years old. Osteoarthritis can affect people of any age, and it is often a result of repeated injuries from athletic activities.

Treatments For Arthritis

Orthopedic physicians specialize in treatment of arthritis and other conditions of the bones and spine. Medications, physical therapy and medications are used to manage the pain from arthritis, which may worsen over time due to the progressive character of the disease. Alternative therapies are gaining in popularity, and methods such as acupuncture, massage therapy, biofeedback, meditation, tai chi and yoga have been shown to be effective in a number of studies.

Finding Solutions For Chronic Pain From Arthritis

A variety of websites are available that provide information on both conventional treatments and alternative methods of dealing with pain from arthritis and other conditions.  These can be an invaluable help for managing everyday life with arthritis, providing information on current research and a variety of new treatments.

Arthritis can be a troubling condition that has a significant impact on your enjoyment of life. However, a number of solutions are available that can help you feel better and enjoy life more, no matter what your age.

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