The skin directly beneath the eyes is quite thin and sensitive, which makes it prone to damage. Aging and prolonged sun exposure thins the skin even more, which makes the blood vessels much more apparent. A lot of these small blood vessels give the appearance of black circles under eyes.

Of course, there is not much we can do about growing older but there are many easy ways to lessen the look of circles below the eyes. Simple home remedies such as placing slices of cucumber, cooled, used tea bags or chilled teaspoons onto your closed eyelids are very effective. Relax and allow the cooling sensation to work its magic.

Circles beneath the eyes may possibly also be caused by allergic reactions or hayfever. Many people are allergic to air-borne allergens, such as dust and pollen. When their eyes itch, they can’t scratching them. This continuous rubbing and itching can result in black circles. Avoiding rubbing the below eye area will assist to minimize the darkness. Tackling the allergy symptoms themselves will in turn assist in eliminating the circles.

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You may just be unfortunate that dark circles run in your family. In this case, your children may also have them. People with deep set eyes or fair skin are usually much more susceptible to beneath eye circles. There are many cosmetic concealers and correctors on the market which are very successful in concealing them. Regular makeup foundation and concealer is unlikely to perform the job. Test a few different products and solutions from the makeup counter until finally you discover one which seems to work well for you. A liquid concealer in a shade paler than your regular shade, that dries to a matte finish, is a good alternative.

Many people are under the misapprehension that dark eye circles are caused simply because of a lack of sleep. This can be definitely a contributory factor though. Not enough sleep, or bad quality rest (such as rest that’s constantly interrupted) tends to make the skin on the face more pale, which boosts the appearance of capillaries under the skin. This leads to you seeing those dark black or blue circles under your eyes. The easiest way to deal with these types of circles is, clearly, to improve your sleeping routine. Attempt to make sure you get at least 7 hours of rest every night. Take actions to unwind prior to bed time; take a relaxing warm bath, meditate, or sip a cup of warm milk. Do whatever you can to unwind.

Another probable cause of dark eye circles is dehydration. This deprives the skin of required nourishment, leading to a pale look. Endeavor to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day to keep your skin properly hydrated; water has several extra health and fitness benefits as well. Whatever the specific causes for dark circles below eye in your case are, there are a wide array of solutions and products accessible which are formulated to treat them. Look for lotions or gels which include vitamin K, which is believed to help with bruising, or vitamin c, which strengthens blood vessel walls.

To find out more about under eye circles and to find some inexpensive but effective home remedies for circles under eyes please visit author Alison Graham’s web site, Under Eye Circles today.

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