working out with others

What are all the ways you’ve used to keep your motivation and dedication when it comes to working out? You might have bought yourself some cool new gear. You might have tried a new routine or a new route, if you bike, run, or walk. But there’s one thing that you might not realize will help keep you coming back for more exercise, no matter what: working out with other people.

Those people might be friends you see outside of the gym, or they might simply be fitness center friends, but a group of fellow exercisers can provide the right kind of motivation. They can help you push yourself harder than you think you can. They can show up—meaning you’re more likely to show up, too. And because you’re being led by someone in a class who has training, you’re going to do the exercising the right way, too. Want more reasons why working out with others is good for you? Check out this graphic.

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