While many people spend hours at the gym to stay fit, others get a good workout while they are at their jobs. If one has a job that requires them to be active, then they can easily exceed their daily activity requirement. Below is a list of on-site jobs that can help you stay fit:


Nurses who work in hospitals will spend most of their day on their feet. A nurse’s day consists of lifting patients and equipment as well as stretching, standing and walking. Nurses may work up to 12 hours at a time, which allows them to get plenty of physical activity.


Painting can be a very physically-demanding job. Painters may have to carry heavy paint and equipment up and down the stairs. The painting itself can give one a workout. It requires that one move their hands and arms.


Firefighters have to be physically fit. Not only do they have to run in buildings to save people and put out fires, but they may also have to carry heavy equipment. That is why being a firefighter makes it easy for one to stay in shape. In fact, firefighters have to pass a physical ability test in order to prove that they are fit enough for the job.

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Construction Workers

Construction workers get plenty of physical activity because they spend their days hanging drywall, hauling bricks and shoveling cement. Doing these activities can give one a full-body workout. Construction workers are usually not required to get any formal training. However, getting a master’s degree in civil engineering can increase your chances of getting a great-paying job in the construction field.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors help people live healthy lives by setting a good example. The demand for fitness trainers is growing because more people realize the benefits of living an active lifestyle. Not only will you stay in shape by teaching fitness classes, but you will also have to spend time preparing to teach your class.

Mail Carrier

Mail carriers have to work in rain, sleet or snow. Walking to carry the mail gives one a great workout. Although electronic communications have decreased the demand for mail carriers, there is still a great need for them.

Regular exercise is important. However, you may not need to schedule exercise in your routine if you have a job that keeps you active all day. Fitness instructors, nurses, construction workers, painters, firefighters and mail carriers are examples of people who stay active while they are working.

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