How to Lose Calories

Losing weight is very difficult for many of us, but it ultimately boils down to numbers: Eat fewer calories to lose more pounds. If we could figure out how to lose calories, the pounds would quickly follow.

It is fairly simple to cut down your caloric intake when you know the correct way to do it. You do not have to starve yourself and you don’t have to feel deprived. Its actually painless and easy to reduce your calories. Starting right now we will give you some tips that will show you how to lose weight by reducing calories.

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Cut Calories with Healthy Substitution

It’s not a matter of giving up your favorite things, it is more of a matter of making healthier choices on a day to day basis. Let’s say you are having a hunger for something rich and chocolaty. If you satisfy your craving by downing a pint of chocolate ice cream, you will have added several hundred calories to your daily intake.

However if you make the conscious decision and select an alternative that is healthier like a fudge pop, a handful of chocolate chips or reduced fat chocolate pudding, you will curb the craving by allowing yourself to eat chocolate but at a much lower caloric intake.

Low fat dairy products instead of whole milk, a 100 calorie pop corn pack or rice cake is much better than a bag of chips; Margarine that is free of trans fat instead of butter; lean cuts of meat instead of fattier cuts; whole fruit in place of juice are all good substitutes to think of.

Reduce Calories by Eating More

Yes, you read that right! Eating more is not the first thing that comes to your mind when considering reducing calories right? Based on many studies it has been proven that by eating more frequently and by eating smaller meals you can curb your appetite much easier.

This method can cut down your caloric intake in a couple of ways. First off, it keeps you from getting too hungry. Excess hunger is the number one reason why people stop dieting, and it is also a leading cause of binging. When you control your hunger, you can control your calorie intake. Second, these small meals will keep your metabolism burning. Your body will burn through these calories much faster than before. This is as effortless a way as possible to minimize the number of calories you eat, and burn the rest!

Lose Calories with Daily Tasks

Have you ever wondered how to burn calories while doing normal day to day activities? There are ways to burn off some extra calories even if you don’t have the time to dedicate to long workouts such as when you are running errands or doing chores around the house or gardening. Lawn work and gardening burn a surprising number of calories each hour. Depending on what you do and how much you weigh, you could burn up to 700 calories an hour just by working in your yard. If you have kids or pets, take them to the park! An hour walking or playing something at the park such as frisbee will burn aprox 300 or so calories.

When you run errands, use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also park further away where its easier to get a parking space when you go out to the stores. These are small changes that add up to big rewards.

Burn Calories with Yoga

A good beginning exercise is Yoga. Yoga increases flexibility, helps build strength, and can prevent metabolic and heart diseases.

And a added benefit is that yoga is a great reducer of stress. It encourages our bodies to stop hanging on to excess calories in the form of fat. You will start to notice emotional and physical benefits if you make yoga a part of your daily routine.

Start by doing 15 – 30 minutes of yoga each day. Search online to find a good yoga sequence for beginners. You can also look for examples of more intermediate moves that you can practice — everyone has to start somewhere.

Now that you’ve learned how to lose calories without depriving yourself, it’s time to put these ideas into practice. You can start out with as little as one change per week until you become used to your new way of life. After a few weeks, losing calories will be a piece of (low-fat) cake! Take care of yourself by eating right and exercising, and your legs will shape up fast!

Jim Payton is a Fitness enthusiast and author. For more great information on How To Cut Calories, visit

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